Now We Empower Ourselves to Achieve Bold Goals

December 30, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

The January 2021 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV program will help YOU make progress on the issues YOU care about. Many of our nation’s problems had existed for a very long time.  These include racial injustice, economic inequality, environmental problems, a foreign policy that is both cruel and violent, and some dysfunctional aspects of our electoral systems.  From 2017 through 2020, Trump made these and other problems even worse.  Really, this goes beyond partisanship.  Many of our nation’s problems are long-standing and bi-partisan.  The American people have values that are better, wiser, more compassionate, and more progressive than either of […]

These quotations support bold grassroots organizing to make significant progress.

December 28, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

My January 2021 TV program includes much information to help us organize bold nonviolent movements from the grassroots to solve major problems. Here are some quotations that support these efforts.  We did not have time to say these during our TV interview, so I’m posting them here.  I wrote the first batch.  Other people wrote the second batch.   Glen Anderson wrote these: People (and our political, economic and other systems) created the problems that threaten humanity.  Since people caused the problems, people can solve those problems. Many conservatives assume either (1) that the realities are not problems, or (2) […]

Besides Protesting What We Oppose, Let’s Organize Even More Vigorously to Accomplish Positive Goals

December 28, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

We need to keep protesting against the cruelty, corruption, injustice and violence that continually assault us.  But if we spend most of our time and efforts fighting the bad stuff, the oppressors will continue to have the upper hand because they can keep throwing bad stuff at us and we will always be on the defensive. We need to spend most of our time and efforts taking the initiative to organize for the positive goals that we want instead.  We need to be proactive, envision the future we want instead of the current mess, and organize to achieve the positive […]

These FREE ONLINE WORKSHOPS can help you make more progress on issues YOU care about

December 27, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

Every person reading this cares about important issues, such as peace, climate, economics, democracy, social justice, human rights, or other issues. We can make MUCH MORE PROGRESS by organizing nonviolent grassroots movements!  We can set smart goals and devise smart strategies.  We can reach out to the public more effectively than we have been doing — and nonviolently push the people who have the official power to serve the broad public interest. ALL OF US — new people, experienced organizers, and everybody in between — can STRENGTHEN OUR SKILLS and add resources to our “toolboxes” so we can make more […]

Reject baloney. Base public policy on honest science.

December 21, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

Even before Trump waged his war against honest science, “special interests” and their “think tanks” and conservative media were promoting baloney that allowed businesses to corrupt governmental agencies (all the way from the federal level to the local level).  They have been hurting environment, public health, and truth itself. Trump made this worse, as we know, but big business had been abusing federal, state and local agencies for a very long time, including Washington State’s agencies that deal with the environment. This is part of a very long-standing tradition in American culture — a tradition of “anti-intellectualism” that historian Richard […]

Washington State’s tax system hurts the poor and fails to fund what people need.

December 21, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

For many decades Washington State has had THE MOST REGRESSIVE tax system of any state in the nation.  This means RICH PEOPLE PAY FAR LESS THAN THEIR SHARE — and POOR AND WORKING CLASS PEOPLE PAY FAR MORE THAN THEIR SHARE. Washington is one of just a very few states with no income tax.  (Decades ago the state Supreme Court said it would be unconstitutional.)  Instead, we rely very heavily on the sales tax.  Poor and working class people spend nearly all of their money, so they pay a lot of sales tax, while rich people put more of their […]

Trump’s hard-core supporters keep denying election results — and threatening & using violence.

December 21, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

Weeks after Trump lost, Trump continued to defy reality and claim that he had actually won.  Weeks after the election results only about 10% of Republican House members admitted that Biden had won.  Many of Trump’s hard-care supporters were still believing him.  Some were mobilizing as gangs of armed thugs, threatening domestic terrorism, committing acts of violence, etc.  Trump continued provoking them, and huge right-wing media entities were supporting Trump’s coup against electoral truth and the U.S. Constitution. Decades ago Fox News was created to be the propaganda outlet for the Republican Party, but now even Fox News is not […]

“Nuclear Winter” is a serious and deadly threat after nuclear weapons are used.

December 15, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

The public is only scarcely aware of nuclear weapons.  Many people stopped paying attention 30 years ago when the Cold War ended.  Even then — and much more so now — the public had been propagandized so effectively by the U.S. government and mainstream media that they were very poorly informed about the danger that could kill all of us if an international conflict escalated — or if a mentally unstable president got angry at another nation — or if a computer problem or inaccurate data analysis or some other glitch caused nuclear weapons to be launched unwittingly. On the […]

This powerful, short op-ed from a 4-star general warns of nuclear war unless we change now

December 15, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

I urge everyone to read the smart, articulate, effective article linked below.  It was written by somebody with first-hand expertise in the subject. Political “leaders” will not protect us from nuclear war. Every presidential candidate – and every Congressional incumbent and candidate – needs to read and understand.  Unfortunately, nearly all of those folks are trapped in the false assumption that nuclear weapons protect us, and they are relatively impervious to hearing the truths that this article puts forth. Only a powerful grassroots movement to ABOLISH nuclear weapons (starting with the smart steps in the “Back from the Brink” campaign – […]

Convicted Anti-Nuclear Activists Speak Out: “Pentagon Has Brainwashed People”

December 15, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

Courageous nonviolent activists keep risking arrest and prison in order to put their bodies on the line to witness against nuclear weapons.  This happens in various parts of our nation, including the Trident nuclear submarine base in Kitsap County WA and at the Trident base at Kings Bay GA. The federal court system’s procedures are always rigged by prosecutors and judges to prevent defendants from making an effective defense about the dangers of nuclear weapons, international law, and the “necessity defense.” People with any strong feelings about nuclear weapons are excluded from serving on the jury.  At a recent trial […]

Non-profit orgs provides resources and truly smart proposals for a peaceful U.S. foreign policy

December 15, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

For four years Trump made the U.S.’s cruel, violent, counter-productive foreign policy even worse.  Joe Biden will most likely retreat from some of Trump’s worst foreign policy blunders, but Biden has a decades-long track record of supporting wars and recklessly cruel, unjust foreign policies and unnecessary military weapons. Therefore, returning from Trumpism to “normal” is NOT ENOUGH!  We need a TRULY PEACEFUL foreign policy, not “American Exceptionalism” and what Senator William Fulbright called “the arrogance of Power.”  We must replace the threats of violence, the actual wars, the bloated budgets, and the contempt for international law that have defined U.S. […]

Afghanistan articles from July to December 2020

December 15, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

On October 7, 2020, the U.S. marked the 19th year of our ENDLESS, UNWINNABLE WAR in Afghanistan.  This news was released on October 9, 2020: This Wednesday marked 19 years since the start of the U.S. war in Afghanistan — that’s 19 years of drone bombings, 19 years of civilian “casualties,” 19 years of death, destruction, and displacement. Since the invasion, over $2 trillion have been needlessly spent, 3.7 million people have been displaced, and 2,000 U.S. servicemembers, 4,000 U.S. contractors, and over 43,000 civilians have been killed. What does the United States have to show for this? Warlords profit from […]

Biden should take these steps for peace.

December 15, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

The U.S.’s foreign policy has been provoking people into becoming terrorists.  We need to push Biden into boldly changing that persistent pattern.  If the Biden administration really wants to stop fueling chaos and terrorism in the world, it must radically transform the CIA.   Sign petition urging Biden to End Trump’s Coercive Measures Against the International Criminal Court: The International Criminal Court has been investigating the actions of all parties to the war in Afghanistan and potentially investigating Israel’s actions in Palestine.  Trump has always refused to be held accountable for his crimes and other mistakes.  This is consistent with the U.S. […]

The American people want peace, but Biden seems likely to continue excessive militarism and stupid wars

December 15, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

This article says the Pentagon budget is too huge. It urges Biden to cut it:   If President Biden is Smart, He’ll End America’s Forever Wars and Pour the Money into Jobs at Home:   Joe Biden plans to appoint a board member of a giant military weapons manufacturer to be Secretary of Defense!  Biden, who has a long history as a supporter of wars and big business, is reportedly planning to appoint a member of one of the U.S.’s biggest corporations manufacturing military weapons to be Secretary of Defense.  We need to “drain the swamp,” not make it swampier, as Trump […]