Our two political parties are ENEMIES OF HONEST DEMOCRACY

Political parties should derive their energy and support from the grassroots – and promote candidates that most voters want.

But now we have two big, stupid corrupt political parties that are hell-bent to nominate for president two candidates who are OPPOSED BY MOST VOTERS, according to the opinion polls.

But the parties don’t care about what the voters want.  They are dominated by political elites and economic elites.  They cram unpopular candidates down our throats.

Indeed, both George W. Bush and Donald Trump LOST THE POPULAR VOTE, but the Supreme Court and the Electoral College (respectively) installed them as president.  NEITHER political party is working hard to replace the Electoral College with a National Popular Vote.  Washington State is one of a number of states promoting this necessary reform.

For many years now, the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed big businesses and extremely rich people to fund election campaigns.  My June 2022 TV program interviewed Common Cause’s top expert on this.  Watch the video and/or read what we said at this link:  https://parallaxperspectives.org/big-money-in-elections-corrupts-our-government

NEITHER POLITICAL PARTY is working hard to stop the corrupting influence of “Big Money,” since BOTH parties are addicted to that.

The U.S.’s voter turnout is EXTREMELY LOW among the world’s democracies because of these problems and related problems.  NEITHER of the two big political parties cares.

Don’t blame me.  The parties brought this on themselves.





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