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Trump really is a fascist. He is doing many things that Hitler did.

August 28, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

Trump really is a fascist.  He does not want America to think.  See this:   See this article titled: “Trump Wants to Make the US a Nazi Nation”: Trump Is Maintaining Popularity and the Hitler Parallels Are Terrifying.  Here is the article:   Leading civil rights lawyer shows 20 ways Trump is copying Hitler:   Is Trump following the same well-worn path blazed by other terrorist leaders?  See this:   Trump posed like Hitler for their mug shots.  Notice that the weird lighting almost looks more like a painting than a photograph.  Trump’s mug shot looks […]

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“No Labels” really is a front for Republicans and conservatives

August 23, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

For a number of months starting in early 2023, a new group called “No Labels” — No Labels — has claimed to be an independent organization that is NOT a political party and is promoting an alternative to presidential nominees from the two big political parties.  However, it is building state-level organizations and it is acting like a political party — or at least a front for one (the Republicans).  It seems to be well financed from “dark money” sources.  It seems to be organizing to take more votes away from Biden than from Trump in the 2024 presidential election.  […]

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The “No Labels” group is a front for a covert conservative political party

August 22, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

“No Labels” Says It’s Not a Political Party. But It’s Setting Up State Parties. Democrats and Never-Trump GOPers are worried about the group’s 2024 plans.   “No Labels” is an opaque $70 million scheme that could make Trump the next president. In April 2023 a progressive source of political information ( reported this: No Labels, the purportedly non-partisan organization that supports Republicans and conservative Democrats, is making preparations to promote a third-party presidential ticket in 2024. The group says it is “laying the groundwork for a potential independent unity ticket in 2024” as an “insurance policy” in case both […]

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“Using Lotteries to Create an Open Democracy”

May 25, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

The June 2023 episode of “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV series helps us think about democracy more profoundly, more creatively, and more boldly than we are used to doing. Instead of narrowly electing one person or another, how could we devise a more profound kind of democracy in which ALL people have real voices and real power?  How could we eliminate the corruption caused by big businesses, extremely rich people, and political parties?  How could we empower real people instead of being dominated by a political class of overlords? Anyone anywhere can watch this June 2023 program through this blog: WATCH […]

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“We the People vs. Corporate Rule: It’s up to Us” — May 2023 TV program and article about constitutional amendment

May 23, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

The May 2023 episode of “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV series makes a solid case for amending the U.S. Constitution in a way that would greatly strengthen democracy and promote fairness and progress for the wide range of issues people care about. For a long time the Supreme Court has given business corporations constitutional rights that our nation’s founders intended only for human beings – and the Supreme Court has allowed Big Money to corrupt our elections. Glen interviewed two well informed guests who are savvy organizers working with the organization Move to Amend.  They explain how we got into this […]

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Right-wing extremism is a serious threat to democracy in the U.S. and many other countries

March 26, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

The right-wing attacks on honest democracy in the U.S. are occurring in other nations too.  They SERIOUSLY THREATEN democracy in the U.S. and elsewhere.  Ordinary people need to organize smart strategies to protect honest democracy, human rights, immigrants, religious minorities, etc. Here are some recent relevant articles:   It can happen here: Lessons from ‘Rise of the Nazis’ on 90th anniversary of Hitler’s coming to power:   Right-wing extremists dominate some nations and promote chaos instead of competent governance: John Feffer wrote this article explaining that House Republicans, Euroskeptics, Vladimir Putin, and Jair Bolsonaro are the agents of a […]

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These savvy, practical insights can reach and convince the public about our issues

March 21, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

I’ve been working with some people who want to “nationalize” an industry that has been owned by capitalists for many decades.  Several members of that group pointed out that calling for “nationalizing” it can leave us open to accusations of being “socialists” or “communists.”  They said that INSTEAD we should call for “public ownership,” which sounds more democratic and practical. I agree that it is crucially important to frame this issue with the appealing term “public ownership.” I wrote an article about the overall concept of how to choose our terminology to reach out effectively to the public and bring […]

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What to do about right-wing extremists who deny election results and oppose honest democracy?

March 4, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

Decent Americans who want democracy to survive and thrive are deeply concerned about right-wing extremists who deny election results and oppose honest democracy.  These include Donald Trump, Kari Lake, and a great number of Republicans and people more extreme than they are. Actually, people who disagree with us differ in some ways from each other, so let’s not lump them all together and become so frightened that we feel overwhelmed and powerless.  We can devise smart strategies to deal with them. The article here provides some fresh information and insights.  The article is titled, “Forget the Deplorables and Focus on […]

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To solve political-social-economic problems, we must organize PEOPLE-POWER grassroots movements

February 28, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

Several years ago, a guest on one of my TV programs said that only 5% of democracy is about voting, while 95% of democracy is about organizing grassroots movements.  I agree. People who have official power (politicians, big businesses, etc.) want ordinary people to feel powerless and get out of the way, so they themselves can make all of the important decisions. Alice Walker said, “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” If ordinary people actually did recognize our power — and our huge potential to organize strategically from the grassroots […]

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House Republicans use the phony-baloney “debt ceiling” to hold the U.S. hostage and cut programs we really need

February 4, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

Mainstream news media keep giving credibility to Republican propaganda about the “debt ceiling.” The “debt ceiling” is NOT in the Constitution.  It is simply a law that could be repealed, but Democrats keep failing to take that necessary action.  Congress has routinely increased it — including in every year of the Trump regime — but when Republican Newt Gingrich had power in the House and when Democrats Obama and Biden have been President, Republicans act like terrorists and hold our nation hostage and threaten to shut down our government because they want to cut spending for programs we really need, […]

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Nonviolent Ways to Heal Our Society’s Dysfunction — Watch Glen’s TV program online or on cable

February 2, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

The February 2023 program on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV series provides insights and inspiration to help people solve problems that have been getting worse in our society. After mentioning some serious problems, we pivot toward proposing some smart nonviolent ways to solve the problems.  This TV interview is positive, upbeat, creative and practical. Rivera Sun is the expert guest who helps us explore these topics.  Rivera Sun is an author, activist, and the Programs Coordinator for Pace e Bene / Campaign Nonviolence. People in Thurston County WA who have cable TV can watch it on channel 22 three times a […]

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Urge WA Legislature to repeal Tim Eyman’s anti-tax propaganda on our ballots

January 27, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

The 2023 Washington State Legislature has an opportunity to do something good for democracy. For many years, Tim Eyman has CLUTTERED OUR BALLOTS WITH MEANINGLESS “ADVISORY VOTES” that are really ANTI-TAX PROPAGANDA! Some years ago he fooled voters into approving a statewide initiative to put these on the ballot.  They have NO LEGITIMATE PURPOSE.  They merely rile up voters with anti-tax hysteria.  Every time the legislature increases tax on anybody in any way — even by finally making certain kinds of businesses pay their fair share — and even by closing a stupid loophole — Tim Eyman’s stupid initiative triggers […]

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January 21, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

Every few weeks I’ll be posting a CALENDAR of COMING EVENTS. It lists a CALENDAR of SPECIFIC EVENTS during the next few weeks.  After that long list, it includes some recurring events for every day, every week, and every month, so please scroll down through the entire document to see MANY opportunities for a WIDE VARIETY of issues. Here is my calendar for JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2023: CALENDAR — 2023 JAN-FEB      

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Abolish the federal “debt ceiling.” It’s a Republican scam to prevent funding to solve problems.

January 8, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

Whenever Congress is asked to fund activities that would help ordinary people (health care, education, anti-poverty programs, etc.), Republicans object on the grounds that we can’t afford to pay for them. But they ALWAYS support funding the horribly huge military budget — and tax cuts for rich people and big businesses — and NEVER ask how we would pay for those. For example, in December 2022, Congress just passed $858 billion military budget, but the GOP is blocking $12 billion to fight child poverty Republicans refused to even consider proposals to revive the Child Tax Credit expansion that lifted millions […]

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Voters keep rejecting BOTH political parties — and for good reasons!

January 3, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

We all know that ALMOST ALWAYS the political party that holds the presidency LOSES seats in Congress’s midterm elections. Here is why. The Executive Branch – regardless of which party controls it – FAILS TO DELIVER what the voters really want.  It allows big businesses and other powerful “special interests” to control federal agencies so they cater to those powerful interests and FAIL TO SOLVE our nation’s problems. Voters punish the negligent, corrupt party by VOTING AGAINST that party’s congressional candidates in the midterm elections.     Public opinion polls keep showing that increasing majorities are saying our nation is […]