Washington State’s tax system hurts the poor and fails to fund what people need.

For many decades Washington State has had THE MOST REGRESSIVE tax system of any state in the nation.  This means RICH PEOPLE PAY FAR LESS THAN THEIR SHARE — and POOR AND WORKING CLASS PEOPLE PAY FAR MORE THAN THEIR SHARE.

Washington is one of just a very few states with no income tax.  (Decades ago the state Supreme Court said it would be unconstitutional.)  Instead, we rely very heavily on the sales tax.  Poor and working class people spend nearly all of their money, so they pay a lot of sales tax, while rich people put more of their money into savings and investments.

POOR AND WORKING CLASS WASHINGTONIANS ARE SUFFERING by not being able to pay for housing, health care, and other needs.  The State Legislature should fund them, BUT THE STATE DOES NOT BRING IN ENOUGH TAX REVENUE TO PAY FOR WHAT PEOPLE NEED, so poor and working class people suffer.

Some good non-profit organizations are urging the State Legislature to change our tax system so rich people will pay more.  I strongly believe that RICH PEOPLE HAVE THE GREATEST RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY FOR THE POLITICAL-ECONOMIC SYSTEM THAT MADE THEM RICH!

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Gov. Inslee has called for a progressive tax on capital gains — and for appropriations for housing.  Read an organization’s summary here