Afghanistan: Biden’s troop withdrawal does NOT end the war!

April 18, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

For nearly 20 years the U.S. has waged a horribly expensive (trillions of dollars) and  horribly deadly (many, many, many thousands of deaths) war that accomplished NOTHING. US to Withdraw from Afghanistan after Two Decades of War Leaving Behind Tortured Wasteland Having Accomplished Nothing:  Now President Biden announced that he will withdraw U.S. troops.  People are happy with that.  But people do NOT know that THE WAR WILL CONTINUE without U.S. troops.  The U.S. continues its reckless, deadly drone war, and also continues to arm factions throughout the region.  The overall U.S. foreign policy in that region (and elsewhere) […]

Sign up NOW for FREE ONLINE WORKSHOPS so you can make more progress on issues YOU care about

April 14, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

You visited this blog because you care about important issues, such as peace, climate, economics, democracy, social justice, human rights, or ___________. YOU can make MUCH MORE PROGRESS on important issues by strengthening your skills in organizing nonviolent grassroots movements! Let’s set smart goals and devise smart strategies.  Let’s reach out to the public more effectively than we have been doing.  Let’s devise ways to be more effective in how we nonviolently push the people who have the official power to serve the broad public interest. ALL OF US — new people, experienced organizers, and everybody in between — can […]

Click to urge President Biden to take these actions …

April 13, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Many non-profit organizations are urging President Biden to take smart actions.  I have collected some recent ones here.  You might want to provide your own name and contact information and click to send.  For a few of these you may remove my name and contact information and substitute your own. Also, you can contact President Biden through the White House website — — or through the White House phone switchboard — (202) 456-1414  Grassroots pressure has produced positive governmental actions on some issues.  Let’s keep it going!   Human rights, democracy, and peace for Myanmar (traditionally known as Burma): On […]

Even after Biden’s victory, the “Doomsday Clock” remains at only 100 seconds before midnight.

March 24, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Since the 1940s, BOTH of the U.S.’s big political parties have enthusiastically supported nuclear weapons.  BOTH parties have allowed the climate crisis to get worse over the decades. Every year in late January the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announces how close we are to “Doomsday.”  Recently it has been the closest to “midnight” that it has ever been, and the climate crisis has been a factor along with nuclear weapons.  Replacing Trump with Biden did not cause the “Doomsday Clock” to back away from midnight. On January 27, 2021, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced that we are […]

Let’s urge President Biden to take smart actions to reduce nuclear war dangers

March 24, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Let’s make sure President Biden Sees and understands the crisis of nuclear weapons.  This article suggests how he can keep the world safe from nuclear annihilation.   Here is what President Biden should do about nuclear weapons in his first 100 days: One of the best informed non-profit organizations working to prevent nuclear war — the Arms Control Association, — conducted an online event about what President Biden should do about nuclear weapons during his first 100 days.  I participated in this and am happy to see that the ACA recorded it and posted it to their website.  […]

Stop the new bi-partisan Cold War and threats against China

March 24, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

In the U.S., hate crimes against Asian Americans have skyrocketed in the past few years.  Several reasons include Trump’s hateful rhetoric (e.g., calling Coronavirus the “Chinese flu” and blaming China for taking jobs away from Americans, when really it was U.S. businesses that closed American factories and moved the jobs to other countries).  Other reasons include the new Cold War and anti-Chinese rhetoric and threats against China from BOTH political parties.  Racists have felt free to commit hate crimes against Asian Americans who are not in any way responsible.   American nationalism — and “American exceptionalism” — allow the U.S. […]

We must DE-MILITARIZE our democracy!

March 21, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

It’s Time to Demilitarize Our Democracy.  The national security state has come to dominate our ostensibly “civilian” government. See this February 1, 2021, article by Mandy Smithberger and William D. Hartung   It was also posted here on  January 29, 2021:  Demilitarizing Our Democracy:  How the National Security State Has Come to Dominate a “Civilian” Government                

PREVENT the U.S. from spending $100 BILLION on more than 600 new nuclear missiles!

March 20, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

The article linked here — — provides information about horribly expensive new nuclear missiles the U.S. government wants to buy.  It’s called the “Ground Based Strategic Deterrent.”  The Air Force wants more than 600 of these missiles.  Each is much deadlier than the bombs we dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Don’t we have better uses for the $100 BILLION these “weapons of mass destruction” will cost?   This link — — Tells Congress NOT to do that.        

Re-Thinking National Security

March 20, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

On March 10, 2021, I spoke to a worldwide audience (about 1/3 in the U.S. and Canada, about 1/3 in Europe, and about 1/3 in other continents) as the featured speaker for their organization’s speaker series. I spoke about “Re-Thinking National Security.” They recorded this Zoom event.  You can watch it at this link:—recording Also, I am attaching an essay I wrote that is that is similar to what I said during the speaking engagement. You can read my essay at this link: Re-Thinking ‘National Security’ — An Essay in 3 Parts

Iran: Background of U.S. conflicts — Recent context — Updates about the “Iran Nuclear Deal” — Petitions to sign, etc.

March 16, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Many Americans are confused about what has been happening with Iran. American politicians and news media have seriously misled the public and planted false narratives in our heads. Today I clearly summarized the relevant history and context from the past few decades and put it in the document I’m posting below. This document provides background and context for U.S. relations with Iran – including information about the “Iran Nuclear Deal” (the JCPOA).  It includes links so you can urge the U.S. government to support peace with Iran. CLICK THIS LINK, open the Word document, and scroll down through the pages: […]

Nuclear Weapons: History, Science and the Public: TV program and more information

March 15, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

The April 2021 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV series helps you understand how nuclear weapons came into existence – and the science behind them – and the public’s reactions to learning about the hard realities. From ancient times, people have wondered how the natural world works.  People have also wondered how they could use the power of the natural world to kill their enemies.  Modern science and engineering allowed people to increase their knowledge – and increase their ability to kill. Since the 1940s nuclear weapons have been part of our reality.  Most people try to avoid thinking about […]

Sign up now for FREE informative, fascinating 4-session course on nuclear weapons

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“NUCLEAR WEAPONS NOWADAYS: What You Can Know and Do” This FREE 4-session course is informative and fascinating! Sign up now to take it either in MAY or in JULY 2021 (your choice of Tuesdays or Saturdays in either month). We use Zoom video, so people everywhere take our course. Please share this opportunity with your friends. Scroll down to see the easy way to sign up. The Cold War ended three decades ago, but nuclear weapons remain a threat to the world.  Many recent and current actions by the U.S. government have sharply increased the danger of nuclear war in […]

Take these urgent actions in early March 2021

March 8, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Most of us receive many e-mails urging us to take online actions to tell a governmental or business entity what to do. These are especially urgent now in early March 2021 about several different issues.   #1: Tell Congress to pass a special tax on extremely rich people. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Pramila Jayapal just announced their bold plan to pass a wealth tax. They’re going to need our help to pass it. Billionaires made more than $900 billion during the pandemic. Warren’s plan would create a two percent tax on assets over $50 million dollars, which would generate $2.75 […]