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Links to a few funny short videos

November 23, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

Funny 3-minute music video about Exxon’s mania for continuing to hurt the climate:   Randy Rainbow’s short satirical singing interview with Trump after Trump’s indictment:   Groucho Marx’s 1-minute imitation of Senator Mitch McConnell starts at about 3:55 and runs for nearly a minute: (This is from the Marx Brothers’ film “Horse Feathers.”)   The anti-vax truck convoy gets hilariously trolled by one slow-moving bicyclist:   Trump “Crime after Crime” parody:   Another parody about Trump:                    

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August 23, 2022 GlenAnderson 0

VERY HUGE amounts of evidence show the MANY WAYS in which Trump has been a horrible problem.  Here are a few items I posted to my blog since March 2020.  I have about three times as many items.  If you want more evidence, ask me and I’ll send them to you.   Trump made the climate crisis MUCH WORSE! The Perils of an “America First” Climate Policy: New evidence shows Trump’s war on science was even worse than we thought! Trump’s WAR AGAINST HONEST SCIENCE is hurting our health — and hurting planet earth:   Trump made […]

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Highest COVID death rates are in states with Republican governors

June 4, 2022 GlenAnderson 0

This was published on page 9 of the June-July 2022 issue of The Progressive magazine.  See if you want to read more articles and/or subscribe.  The headline stated:  Elections Have (Deadly) Consequences “An analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Johns Hopkins University found that the sixteen states with the highest COVID-19 death rates since last summer were all run by Republicans.  Leading the pack was West Virginia at about 204 deaths per 100,000 people.  The states with the lowest rates, including California at fifty-eight deaths per 100,000, all had either Democratic governors or […]

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Brief insights here: See these issues from fresh perspectives!

August 29, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

#1:  In the 1940s my Dad built a SOLAR clothes dryer. Mom operated it for decades. In the 1950s when I was growing up, I remember at home we had a SOLAR and WIND clothes dryer.  It used no fossil fuels and no electricity. Dad built it in the 1940s.  Mom operated it for decades. It was called a “clothesline.”  Every home’s back yard had one.  It was an upright metal pole with a smaller horizontal metal crossbar at the top.  30 to 40 feet away was another one with the same design.  Stretched between them were four long metal […]

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Respect science. Base public policies on honest science. And envision more boldly than that too.

June 3, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Trump’s war on science has hurt our nation and our public institutions:   Trump Officials Tried To ‘Cripple’ The CDC’s COVID-19 Response, House Panel Says.  Trump appointees sought to change reports “in a misguided effort to achieve herd immunity,” House investigators found.  SEE THIS:   In 4 years Trump escalated his corruption over the CDC. Trump’s biases increasingly overruled scientists and medical professionals.  This article does not mention the urgent need for Biden to restore honest science instead of Trumpian corruption at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Trump corrupted EVERY federal agency.  Voters must demand that Biden […]

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Peaceful Foreign Policy — A Bold New Agenda

May 26, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

The June 2021 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV series helps you understand the problems in U.S. foreign policy and some bold ways to solve those problems and support peace and justice worldwide. Two guests explored the problems and solutions: John Feffer is a Project Director working on a variety of foreign policy issues at the Institute for Policy Studies, an exceptionally savvy non-profit organization based in Washington DC. Their website is  I enjoyed reading his writings for a long time, even before I recruited him to be a guest for this interview. Metta Spencer is a retired professor […]

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Take these urgent actions in early March 2021

March 8, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Most of us receive many e-mails urging us to take online actions to tell a governmental or business entity what to do. These are especially urgent now in early March 2021 about several different issues.   #1: Tell Congress to pass a special tax on extremely rich people. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Pramila Jayapal just announced their bold plan to pass a wealth tax. They’re going to need our help to pass it. Billionaires made more than $900 billion during the pandemic. Warren’s plan would create a two percent tax on assets over $50 million dollars, which would generate $2.75 […]

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COVID-19’s origin: New evidence points to lab experiments instead of the official explanation

March 8, 2021 GlenAnderson 0

Ever since the COVID-19 crisis occurred, I have been reading information about its origin.  The official story claimed it arose in an animal-to-human transmission at a meat market or from bats.  More recent scientific evidence has been debunking the official story and explaining how it arose from a scientific lab that was doing risky experiments and lacked adequate safety.  Here are some articles:   #1: This informative article was published in Politico, a mainstream political periodical.  It reports that in 2018, American diplomats warned of risky Coronavirus experiments in a Wuhan Lab, but the Trump regime failed to listen. […]

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“How to Deal With the U.S.’s Current Crises”

December 14, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

“How to Deal With the U.S.’s Current Crises” October 2020 Our nation is suffering from several extremely serious problems all at once.  The crises are deeply rooted and actually go beyond individual elected officials and political parties.  Problems include the COVID-19 pandemic, economic injustices, homelessness, excessive military spending, racial injustices, the criminal justice system, unfairness to immigration, right-wing extremism, the climate crisis, nuclear weapons, and Trumpism. Instead of merely lamenting “ain’t-it-awful,” three guests (Jean Gant Delastrada, Liz Moore, and Glen Gersmehl) provide smart insights into those problems and lift up some positive values that can help us solve them.  We […]

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Here are more things Biden should do promptly after taking office

November 12, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

Two days ago I posted a list of some things that a variety of good organizations and smart individuals are urging Biden to do as soon as he takes office.  Here is that blog post:   More organizations are urging additional actions, so I am listing some of them here:   Americans United for the Separation of Church and State ( wrote: The Biden-Harris administration has the opportunity and the moral obligation to right the wrongs of the Trump administration and build a better future – one that values religious freedom and equality for all.  That’s why AU has announced a […]

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Universal Single-Payer Health Care: We need it NOW more than ever!

October 5, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

We Need Universal Single-Payer Health Care Now! The September 2020 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” examines our nation’s persistent failure to provide health care for everybody, persistent failure to control costs, and chronic injustices in paying the bills.  The U.S. spends twice as much per capita than other nations do, but many millions of Americans have no health care at all, and Americans’ health outcomes are worse than other nations. Two knowledgeable guests explain the problems in clear, understandable ways – and they propose a smart, cost-effective way to cover everybody with high quality health care at lower cost than […]

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Recent actions by Trump & Republicans validate what I wrote and posted here about their mania to PREVENT government from functioning well.

August 31, 2020 GlenAnderson 0

In 2017 I wrote a thorough essay explaining that Trump, the Republican Party, big business, and other conservatives are hell-bent to PREVENT the government from solving problems.  Their whole “worldview” supports their mania to enable their elites (whites, rich people, big business, “patriotic” Americans, etc.) DOMINATE EVERYBODY ELSE. Although decent people want fairness and justice throughout our society and in the economy, and fairness and peace in our nation’s dealing with other nations, Trump, Republicans, etc., reject that and are RADICALLY DESTROYING humane governmental, social and economic policies in order to enable rich, racist, cruel people to PREVENT the government […]