This video — shorter than 3 minutes — explains the President’s SOLE AUTHORITY to start a nuclear war

The non-profit organization Global Zero ( has solid information and does good work.  They produced this easy-to-understand video – shorter than 3 minutes long – to explain how EASY it is for any President to start a nuclear war ON HIS SOLE AUTHORITY with NO “checks and balances.”

Trump is vigorously destroying as much as he can before he is forced to leave office, so launching a nuclear weapon is possible.  But Joe Biden has a decades-long track record in Congress of supporting wars, including supporting the stupid, unnecessary wars that have occurred in the decades he served in Congress and as Obama’s Vice President.

The point of this short video — our our efforts to pass federal legislation to eliminate a president’s sole authority to start a nuclear war — is that NO president should have that unilateral power.  PLEASE WATCH this short, compelling video:

Regardless of who is president, we absolutely must rein in the virtually limitless authority of the president to launch a nuclear attack. This is too much power for anyone to have, no matter who’s in charge.
Our new 3-minute video breaks it all down in alarming detail. Please check it out and share it widely!


The Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (OCANW) is working in several strategically smart ways to inform the public and urge officials to stop the madness.  We have been conducting our FREE 4-session course online to people all over the nation, and we will offer it again.  If you want to be notified when we offer it again, please e-mail me at


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