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When Democrats nominate war-hawks for president, Republicans win by running as peace candidates

January 6, 2024 GlenAnderson 0

In the spring of 1968, President Johnson realized that his horribly unpopular war in Vietnam would PREVENT him from being re-elected, so he withdrew from his presidential campaign.  His VP, Hubert Humphrey, became the Democratic nominee.  But instead of listening to the public, which opposed the Vietnam War, Humphrey campaigned as a pro-war candidate. Richard Nixon campaigned as a “peace” candidate with a promise to end the war, so voters elected Nixon, even though he was horrible in every other way. Leading up to 2016, the Democratic Party kept promoting Hillary Clinton as the only candidate it would consider.  (Remember […]

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“No room at the inn” — U.S. policies provoke immigration but refuses to accommodate the victims

December 25, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

The Christmas story highlights a young family — Joseph and Mary who was 9 months pregnant — who were forced by the oppressive undemocratic government that ruled over them to travel to a distant place.  But there was “no room at the inn,” so they had no choice but to stay in a stable, where Mary gave birth to Jesus. This iconic story of gross injustice keeps playing out nowadays with different characters and new ironies. For many decades the U.S. has supported brutal right-wing governments (sometimes overthrowing democracies in order to install those oppressive regimes) in Latin America and […]

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Biden’s wars antagonize voters and suppress turnout! Biden’s wars will elect Trump + Republicans!

December 7, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

The Democratic Party is electing Trump again. In 2016 the Democratic Party crammed Hillary Clinton down our throats, even though Democratic voters preferred other candidates. Hillary Clinton was a HORRIBLE WAR-HAWK! She was TOTALLY SUBSERVIENT TO BIG BUSINESS – and was making huge amounts of money speaking to audiences of Wall Street bankers. She was so horrible that Trump was able to run on her political LEFT for peace and claiming to be the champion of ordinary workers. The Democratic Party thought Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide because Trump was such a wacko.   The Democratic Party LEARNED […]

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Biden nominated an EXTREME OPPONENT of human rights to a powerful position on diplomacy commission

December 4, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

Joe Biden has a long history of VIGOROUS SUPPORT FOR WAR.  He has carried that into his presidential administration.  He has appointed MANY EXTREME WAR-HAWKS to powerful positions in his administration. One of the worst is Elliott Abrams, who has committed HORRIBLE WAR CRIMES for George W. Bush and other administrations.  Elliott Abrams is a NOTORIOUS ENEMY of human rights and democracy in other nations.   SEE THIS:  ‘Totally Indefensible’: Biden Nominates Death Squad Backer Elliott Abrams to Diplomacy Panel.  “Elliott Abrams, enemy of human rights, apologist for mass murder, should have no place within spitting distance of any Democratic […]

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Biden violates 2020 campaign promises by BUILDING TRUMP’S WALL, despite 26 laws

November 28, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

Biden said border walls do not work, but he is waiving 26 laws to build more of Trump’s Wall. These two articles were posted October 5, 2023:   and   Also, in order to continue building Trump’s Wall, Biden waived these two laws among the 26:  the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act .  Biden took his cruel action without seeking any input from local communities. His Department of Homeland Security is FAST-TRACKING the border wall construction and VIOLATING TREATIES.  Biden’s wall will go through a […]

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Biden’s wars ANTAGONIZE VOTERS away from him. Polls show voters choose Trump as the PEACE candidate.

November 6, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

Democrats think Biden is a smart politician.  Actually, he — and the Democratic Party — are stupidly ANTAGONIZING VOTERS so they will vote for Trump instead in 2024.  The Democratic Party learned nothing from their 2016 debacle when the party imposed Hillary Clinton upon us. In early November 2023, several public opinion polls showed that VOTERS OPPOSE BIDEN’S WARS and think TRUMP WOULD BE MORE LIKELY TO PROTECT PEACE. Nov. 5, 2023:  Most Americans believe … U.S. would be kept out of war if Trump reelected: Nov. 6, 2023:  Voters think Trump’s more likely to increase peace in world […]

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What’s Wrong with the Debt Ceiling Deal — Watch TV program here and/or read the transcript

June 29, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

The July 2023 episode of “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV series examines the recent bi-partisan bill to increase the national debt ceiling.  I provide much fresh information – and many fresh insights – that counter what politicians and mainstream media have been saying: I explain the “debt ceiling” as a phony baloney scam that Republicans have been abusing. I explain why President Biden should not have caved into House Republicans’ bullying. I explain the very bad parts of this bi-partisan bill. I explain what Biden and Democrats should have done instead. I explain the remedies that would have been better than […]

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Poverty results from this: A Quarter of Biden’s Budget Will Go to Pentagon Contractors. They donate heavily to Congress’s armed services committees.

March 26, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

A Quarter of Biden’s Budget Will Go to Pentagon Contractors March 9, 2023:  Today the White House released the President’s budget request, laying out the President’s priorities for the country. Lindsay Koshgarian Originally in National Priorities Project   Congress’s Armed Services Committee members received $5.8 million from military companies during 2022 election cycle By Taylor Giorno March 3, 2023 1:43 pm   Here is an interesting post about budgets and military spending:   World Beyond War created a billboard that connects the dots between military spending and hunger:   I wrote this article and produced my […]

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House Republicans use the phony-baloney “debt ceiling” to hold the U.S. hostage and cut programs we really need

February 4, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

Mainstream news media keep giving credibility to Republican propaganda about the “debt ceiling.” The “debt ceiling” is NOT in the Constitution.  It is simply a law that could be repealed, but Democrats keep failing to take that necessary action.  Congress has routinely increased it — including in every year of the Trump regime — but when Republican Newt Gingrich had power in the House and when Democrats Obama and Biden have been President, Republicans act like terrorists and hold our nation hostage and threaten to shut down our government because they want to cut spending for programs we really need, […]

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The “debt ceiling” is a Republican scam to prevent funding programs we need.

January 25, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

The media are currently obsessed with the “debt ceiling” and are grossly distorting the realities! The “debt ceiling” is NOT in the Constitution.  It’s just a law — a law that has been changed many times. Republicans keep using it to bully Democrats into cutting Social Security, Medicare, and other important programs that people really need.  Republicans NEVER call for cutting the Pentagon budget. Spending is one side of the ledger.  The other side is TAXES.  Republican who are worried about deficits and the public debt NEVER call for raising taxes on RICH PEOPLE or BIG BUSINESSES.  They want to […]

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Voters keep rejecting BOTH political parties — and for good reasons!

January 3, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

We all know that ALMOST ALWAYS the political party that holds the presidency LOSES seats in Congress’s midterm elections. Here is why. The Executive Branch – regardless of which party controls it – FAILS TO DELIVER what the voters really want.  It allows big businesses and other powerful “special interests” to control federal agencies so they cater to those powerful interests and FAIL TO SOLVE our nation’s problems. Voters punish the negligent, corrupt party by VOTING AGAINST that party’s congressional candidates in the midterm elections.     Public opinion polls keep showing that increasing majorities are saying our nation is […]

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Here is a compelling case for an immediate CEASEFIRE in Ukraine

November 10, 2022 GlenAnderson 0

Phyllis Bennis is one of the most savvy analysts and writers about foreign affairs. We need to spread widely this smart article she wrote in early November 2022:        

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Biden, etc., are stuck in a manic Cold War obsession that could destroy the world in nuclear war

November 10, 2022 GlenAnderson 0

Biden filled his foreign policy positions with appointees who share Biden’s Cold War mania and bias in favor of militarism — instead of honest diplomacy and peace. For example, he appointed Anthony Blinkin to be his Secretary of State.  The State Department is the federal agency in charge of directing U.S. interactions with other nations.  Presidents should appoint to that position persons who are solidly committed to peace, honest diplomacy, etc.  Biden appointed Anthony Blinkin, whose career has focused on URGING OTHER NATIONS TO BUY MILITARY WEAPONS MADE BY U.S. CORPORATIONS.  That is how Joe Biden sees the role of […]

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Biden keeps allowing a CLIMATE DENIER to head the World Bank

September 28, 2022 GlenAnderson 0

Joe Biden campaigned for President with strong promises to help the climate.  However, now that he is President, he keeps failing to take some simple steps that he could do on his own authority.  The U.S. is a powerful leader in the World Bank, so Biden could replace the World Bank’s current leader, who is a CLIMATE DENIER.  See these items:   The World Bank’s president is a climate denier:   World Bank President David Malpass refuses to acknowledge the reality of the climate crisis. That makes him unfit for his post at this crucial hour. A Climate Denier […]

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70 years later, the U.S. keeps its dangerous land mines in Korea. Biden should remove them now!

July 19, 2022 GlenAnderson 0

Win Without War ( posted this on July 15, 2022: Ursala Knudsen-Latta of the Friends Committee on National Legislation eviscerates the Biden administration’s argument that the U.S. needs a special exception from the global effort to ban anti-personnel landmines in order to use these indiscriminate weapons to guard South Korea from North Korean invasion. Landmines have killed around 1,000 people just going about their daily lives in South Korea in recent decades, and the South Korean government has moved to clear mines rather than add to them. The U.S. should abandon its defense of landmines in Korea and embrace the […]