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Republicans are persistently WRONG + INCOMPETENT about COVID

March 21, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

It’s surprising that anyone trusts the Republican Party after they have screwed up so badly regarding the COVID pandemic.   When the pandemic struck, Trump denied that it was happening.  Then he said it would completely go away within 2 months.  He said it was nothing more than the flu.  He blamed China in a very racist, xenophobic way.  He put incompetent and corrupt people in charge of it.  When he conducted nationwide TV programs about it, instead of providing honest scientific information he promoted “snake oil” cures manufactured by companies his cronies owned, and he used those TV programs […]

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Health care reform: See these short, funny videos about Norway’s solution

February 7, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

As my blog’s category for “Health Care Reform” explains, the U.S. spends twice as much per person on health care as other rich nations, but we have far, far worse outcomes in actual health.  Other nations recognize that health care is a human right, so they provide nationwide coverage for everyone and — instead of capitalistic insurance companies, etc., — they have streamlined governmental systems that cost half of what health costs in the U.S.   Recently some friends shared a link to a short video ad that appeared on the 2021 Super Bowl TV coverage.  The comedian Will Ferrell […]

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Here is what a REAL “Christian nation” would look like

February 4, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

Right-wing Christians and most Republicans keep saying they want the U.S. to be a “Christian nation.” But they do NOT want it to be the kind of society that Jesus was actually promoting. Jesus NEVER objected to abortion or homosexuality or immigration. What Jesus REALLY kept teaching and practicing are ethical, humane, loving, compassionate actions: Feed the hungry Heal the sick Welcome the stranger (and the foreigner and other ethnic groups) with equal human dignity as ourselves Instead of attacking LGBTQ persons or persons who want abortions, Jesus REPEATEDLY LAMBASTED: Rich people who failed to share with the poor Self-righteous […]

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January 21, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

Every few weeks I’ll be posting a CALENDAR of COMING EVENTS. It lists a CALENDAR of SPECIFIC EVENTS during the next few weeks.  After that long list, it includes some recurring events for every day, every week, and every month, so please scroll down through the entire document to see MANY opportunities for a WIDE VARIETY of issues. Here is my calendar for JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2023: CALENDAR — 2023 JAN-FEB      

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Voters keep rejecting BOTH political parties — and for good reasons!

January 3, 2023 GlenAnderson 0

We all know that ALMOST ALWAYS the political party that holds the presidency LOSES seats in Congress’s midterm elections. Here is why. The Executive Branch – regardless of which party controls it – FAILS TO DELIVER what the voters really want.  It allows big businesses and other powerful “special interests” to control federal agencies so they cater to those powerful interests and FAIL TO SOLVE our nation’s problems. Voters punish the negligent, corrupt party by VOTING AGAINST that party’s congressional candidates in the midterm elections.     Public opinion polls keep showing that increasing majorities are saying our nation is […]

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“Choose a Bold, Humane Future” — Glen’s November 2022 TV program

November 7, 2022 GlenAnderson 0

The November 2022 program on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV series provides many fresh insights that can inform and empower you to take bold, positive actions on issues you care about. The American people know serious problems exist.  Public opinion polls keep showing that increasing majorities say our nation is “on the wrong track.” So what do we do about it?  Take small steps only?  Or solve the big problems? Our November 2022 TV interview is positive, upbeat, creative, and encouraging.  Besides working to stop what we oppose, what if we also worked equally hard and skillfully to accomplish what we […]

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U.S. is a “rogue nation” in failing to take humane, ethical actions that other nations have taken

September 13, 2022 GlenAnderson 0

The U.S. is the only (or almost the only) modern industrial nation that fails to help its people and the world in these important ways:   The U.S. health care system keeps ranking LAST among rich nations. The U.S. does not offer paid leave for new mothers, but 186 other nations do. The U.S. has not ratified the Cluster Munitions Treaty. The U.S. is one of only 14 members of the United Nations that have failed to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The U.S. is the only nation in the U.N. that has failed to […]

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YES! We really CAN organize grassroots movements to solve big, hard, scary problems!

September 1, 2022 GlenAnderson 0

Many important issues (climate, nuclear weapons, etc.) are big and scary to think about, so many people do not want to think about them.  Many people feel that those problems are so big and are imposed upon us by powerful forces (big businesses, the Pentagon, etc.).  This power imbalance causes many people feel that they are powerless to solve the problems because the problems were created and are perpetuated by forces that are so big and powerful, and that we are too small and weak to oppose them.  It’s easier to simply avoid dealing with them.  As a result, the […]

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What issues do YOU care about? FREE online workshops help you organize grassroots movements: Sept-Oct 2022. Gather online. Learn together. Organize to solve problems!

August 30, 2022 GlenAnderson 0

You have more power than you know! On issue after issue, the status quo is horribly broken. The good news is we can organize grassroots movements to solve the problems! You can strengthen your skills and strategies for organizing grassroots movements!   Here is FREE HELP for ALL of the issues you care about! Let’s choose a bold, positive future! Let’s solve the problems! Let’s build savvy grassroots movements to accomplish bold goals for whatever YOU care about: peace, social/economic justice, environment/climate, humane politics, and more!   You can significantly strengthen your skills – and gain new resources – if […]

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Joe Biden let Mitch McConnell fool him into appointing RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST, ANTI-CHOICE judge

July 5, 2022 GlenAnderson 0

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has a long history of making deals to trick Democrats into doing stupid things — and then violating his end of the promises.  These three articles from late June and early July 2022 report on a very recent example:   Biden Reportedly Cuts Deal With Mitch McConnell to Nominate Anti-Abortion Judge:   Biden makes deal with McConnell on anti-abortion judicial nominee who was too corrupt for Trump:   Biden’s Planned Nomination of Anti-Abortion Judge Outrages Left:          

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Highest COVID death rates are in states with Republican governors

June 4, 2022 GlenAnderson 0

This was published on page 9 of the June-July 2022 issue of The Progressive magazine.  See if you want to read more articles and/or subscribe.  The headline stated:  Elections Have (Deadly) Consequences “An analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Johns Hopkins University found that the sixteen states with the highest COVID-19 death rates since last summer were all run by Republicans.  Leading the pack was West Virginia at about 204 deaths per 100,000 people.  The states with the lowest rates, including California at fifty-eight deaths per 100,000, all had either Democratic governors or […]

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ABOLISH THE FILIBUSTER in order to reduce gun violence and solve MANY other problems!

May 29, 2022 GlenAnderson 0

On MANY, MANY issues, the American people want to solve problems, but Senate Republicans (and “Democrats” Manchin and Sinema) keep using the filibuster to PREVENT the Senate from solving them!!! I remember the 1960s when racist Southern Democrats used the filibuster to prevent passing Civil Rights legislation.  In the late 1960s the parties flipped, and now it is the Republican Party that is extremely racist. Now Republican senators use the filibuster to PREVENT solving problems related to the environment, climate, poverty, racial justice, voting rights, health care, gun violence, economic justice, and many other issues. EXAMPLE:  GUN VIOLENCE:   Republicans keep […]

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Sign up NOW for FREE, PRACTICAL ONLINE WORKSHOPS to help you make more progress on issues YOU care about

May 23, 2022 GlenAnderson 0

Sign up NOW for FREE, PRACTICAL ONLINE WORKSHOPS to help you make more progress on issues YOU care about ALL OF US — new people, experienced organizers, and everybody in between — can STRENGTHEN OUR SKILLS and add resources to our “toolboxes” so we can make more progress in working on our issues. That’s why I’m offering my 6 FREE ONLINE WORKSHOPS. Please see information on the flyer I posted at this link – and SIGN UP NOW! 6 practical workshops on Grassroots Organizing — 2022 JUNE-JULY — FLYER Let’s build strong nonviolent grassroots movements that will significantly move public opinion — […]