Now We Empower Ourselves to Achieve Bold Goals

The January 2021 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV program will help YOU make progress on the issues YOU care about.

Many of our nation’s problems had existed for a very long time.  These include racial injustice, economic inequality, environmental problems, a foreign policy that is both cruel and violent, and some dysfunctional aspects of our electoral systems.  From 2017 through 2020, Trump made these and other problems even worse. 

Really, this goes beyond partisanship.  Many of our nation’s problems are long-standing and bi-partisan.  The American people have values that are better, wiser, more compassionate, and more progressive than either of the big political parties expresses.

Now is the time for us to affirm our best values and promote bold goals for solving our nation’s deep problems.  Thiws TV interview proposes some bold, positive changes in public policies – and emphasizes that ordinary people can organize from the grassroots up to put our bold, positive visions into place locally and nationally.

Glen Anderson interviewed Mary Lou Finley, who has decades of experience working for peace, racial justice, and a variety of other important issues.  She has taught at the university level and in workshops.  Also, she has written extensively to help people discover the power of nonviolent grassroots organizing for solving big problems.

We identified problems and solutions related to economic justice, health care, racial justice, criminal justice, peace and other issues.  We celebrated progress that people have made through nonviolent grassroots organizing, even during the four terrible years of Trumpism.

We emphasized the need to go beyond protesting against the bad stuff and building grassroots movements for positive goals.  We urge people to overcome hesitancy and fear — and to empower themselves so they can build strategically smart grassroots movements that will succeed in solving the serious problems.


To watch the video, CLICK THIS LINK.

To read the thorough summary and many links to additional resources as a Word document, CLICK THIS LINK:  2021.01 Bold Goals — SUMMARY and RESOURCES

To read the thorough summary in .pdf format, CLICK THIS LINK:  2021.01 Bold Goals — SUMMARY and RESOURCES