Biden should take these steps for peace.

The U.S.’s foreign policy has been provoking people into becoming terrorists.  We need to push Biden into boldly changing that persistent pattern.  If the Biden administration really wants to stop fueling chaos and terrorism in the world, it must radically transform the CIA.


Sign petition urging Biden to End Trump’s Coercive Measures Against the International Criminal Court:

The International Criminal Court has been investigating the actions of all parties to the war in Afghanistan and potentially investigating Israel’s actions in Palestine.  Trump has always refused to be held accountable for his crimes and other mistakes.  This is consistent with the U.S. government’s opposition to the International Criminal Court on the grounds that the U.S. government does not want U.S. troops to be held accountable for war crimes.

In June 2020 Trump escalated the refusal to be held accountable by international law.  Trump issued an executive order authorizing the punishment of any individuals involved in or in any way assisting ICC proceedings. The U.S. State Department has restricted visas for ICC officials and in September 2020 sanctioned two court officials, including the Chief Prosecutor, freezing their U.S. assets and blocking them from financial transactions with U.S. persons, banks, and companies. Trump’s action has been condemned by over 70 national governments, including the United States’ closest allies, and by Human Rights Watch, and by the International Association of Democratic Lawyers.

PLEASE CLICK TO SIGN THIS PETITION urging Joe Biden to end Trump’s coercive measures against the International Criminal Court:


Instead of assuming the U.S.’s right to be the world’s leader, we need modesty and honest diplomacy. The U.S. has “a severe personality disorder.”

This article urges a profound change from traditional U.S. arrogance and from Trump’s escalation of it:








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