Convicted Anti-Nuclear Activists Speak Out: “Pentagon Has Brainwashed People”

Courageous nonviolent activists keep risking arrest and prison in order to put their bodies on the line to witness against nuclear weapons.  This happens in various parts of our nation, including the Trident nuclear submarine base in Kitsap County WA and at the Trident base at Kings Bay GA.

The federal court system’s procedures are always rigged by prosecutors and judges to prevent defendants from making an effective defense about the dangers of nuclear weapons, international law, and the “necessity defense.”

People with any strong feelings about nuclear weapons are excluded from serving on the jury.  At a recent trial of Plowshares activists in Georgia, NONE of the 73 persons who were even being considered to serve on the jury indicated such feelings.  The article I’m linking below says this shows the extent to which the Pentagon has brainwashed the American people.  In this recent trial the judge prevented any expert testimony about nuclear weapons’ dangers – or their illegality under international law.

Read this article about the very long prison sentences that might be imposed for anti-Trident nuclear weapons protesters at Kings Bay, Georgia, at this link: