YES! We really CAN organize grassroots movements to solve big, hard, scary problems!

Many important issues (climate, nuclear weapons, etc.) are big and scary to think about, so many people do not want to think about them.  Many people feel that those problems are so big and are imposed upon us by powerful forces (big businesses, the Pentagon, etc.).  This power imbalance causes many people feel that they are powerless to solve the problems because the problems were created and are perpetuated by forces that are so big and powerful, and that we are too small and weak to oppose them.  It’s easier to simply avoid dealing with them.  As a result, the problems continue and get even worse (climate, nuclear weapons, etc.).

The truth, however, is that ordinary people can organize nonviolent grassroots movements that actually can win major victories – if we have courage and smart strategies.

Part of what we must do is to change the culture so that a significant portion of the population develops different values and feelings, so people can debunk the status quo and recognize that we can choose a better future.

In the movies of the 1930s to 1960s, smoking was portrayed as cool and sexy.  People changed our culture, so now we understand and feel that smoking is gross and disgusting.

Now we can change the culture so it will no longer see nuclear weapons as protecting us, but will recognize that nuclear weapons actually endanger us.  We can educate the public to debunk the myth that “deterrence” is reasonable, and that we need world security instead of the myth that we can make our nation secure by endangering the rest of the world.  (For example, see my TV program about World Citizenship at:

We can change our culture so it will no longer see fossil fuel companies as providing “the American Dream” in which we drive gas-guzzling vehicles and fly anywhere as much as we want.  We can change our culture to see fossil fuel companies as destroying our environment and climate – as destroying God’s Beautiful Creation – as destroying our future.  We can change our culture to see protecting the environment and climate as the good and necessary thing to do.

I offer FREE online workshops to provide the insights, resources, empowerment, and strategies that can help people organize grassroots movements to solve any kind of social/economic/political/cultural problem.  Even after this series has completed, I invite you to contact me for future opportunities:

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