Here is what a REAL “Christian nation” would look like

Right-wing Christians and most Republicans keep saying they want the U.S. to be a “Christian nation.”

But they do NOT want it to be the kind of society that Jesus was actually promoting.

Jesus NEVER objected to abortion or homosexuality or immigration.

What Jesus REALLY kept teaching and practicing are ethical, humane, loving, compassionate actions:

  • Feed the hungry
  • Heal the sick
  • Welcome the stranger (and the foreigner and other ethnic groups) with equal human dignity as ourselves

Instead of attacking LGBTQ persons or persons who want abortions, Jesus REPEATEDLY LAMBASTED:

  • Rich people who failed to share with the poor
  • Self-righteous people who claimed to be religious but actually failed to practice the compassion and generosity that their faith required

If we REALLY had a “Christian nation,” our laws and our culture would embody and support what Jesus REALLY taught and practiced:

  • Change our economic system so rich people would not abuse everyone else and poor people would be lifted out of poverty
  • Respect people of all races, nationalities, and sexual orientations — and vigorously protect equal human rights for everyone regardless of any demographic differences
  • Practice love, compassion and forgiveness and totally change our policing and our criminal justice system
  • Create a nationwide system of affordable high-quality health care for everyone
  • Abolish guns
  • Restructure our society so it will be based on profound nonviolence and compassion
  • Make peace with all nations.  Jesus told Peter to put away his sword, so we should abolish the military and nuclear weapons

Next time you hear someone say they want the U.S. to be a “Christian nation,” tell them what that would REALLY mean.