ABOLISH THE FILIBUSTER in order to reduce gun violence and solve MANY other problems!

On MANY, MANY issues, the American people want to solve problems, but Senate Republicans (and “Democrats” Manchin and Sinema) keep using the filibuster to PREVENT the Senate from solving them!!!

I remember the 1960s when racist Southern Democrats used the filibuster to prevent passing Civil Rights legislation.  In the late 1960s the parties flipped, and now it is the Republican Party that is extremely racist.

Now Republican senators use the filibuster to PREVENT solving problems related to the environment, climate, poverty, racial justice, voting rights, health care, gun violence, economic justice, and many other issues.

EXAMPLE:  GUN VIOLENCE:   Republicans keep REFUSING to pass laws to stop mass murders and other gun violence.  After the tragic Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, Democrats in the Senate were ready to pass gun reform legislation, but Republicans and the filibuster stopped them.  THE FILIBUSTER ALLOWS MASS MURDERS TO CONTINUE.  We must ABOLISH THE FILIBUSTER and pass desperately needed gun legislation!

Sign and send the petition to your Democratic U.S. senator(s): We must end the filibuster, or the Senate will never pass sensible gun safety reform to stop these mass shootings.