Republicans are persistently WRONG + INCOMPETENT about COVID

It’s surprising that anyone trusts the Republican Party after they have screwed up so badly regarding the COVID pandemic.


When the pandemic struck, Trump denied that it was happening.  Then he said it would completely go away within 2 months.  He said it was nothing more than the flu.  He blamed China in a very racist, xenophobic way.  He put incompetent and corrupt people in charge of it.  When he conducted nationwide TV programs about it, instead of providing honest scientific information he promoted “snake oil” cures manufactured by companies his cronies owned, and he used those TV programs to spread his ego nationwide and said these TV programs produced high ratings for himself.


Various Republican-dominated state governments refused to take meaningful actions.  Many studies have proven that states governed by Republicans suffered more COVID illnesses and deaths than those governed by Democrats.


Florida has one of the nation’s worst results, but Republican governor Ron DeSantis wants to run for President by claiming that he did an excellent job on COVID:


Republican-controlled Florida county with nearly 240K COVID-19 cases bans vaccine:


Now that the Republicans have a small majority in the U.S. House, they are holding stupid hearings.  See this article:  “House GOP Stacks COVID Response Panel With Top COVID Conspiracy Theorists”     Marjorie Taylor Greene compared masks to the Holocaust. Ronny Jackson said omicron was a Democratic hoax. Definitely a credible committee!  Here is the link to this article:


Huge gaps in maternal and neonatal death rates show which states really care about life:


A knowledgeable person said Trump, Kushner Share ‘Criminal Responsibility’ for COVID Deaths:


Before the Democrats lost control of the U.S. House, this article came out:

Final House Covid Panel Report Exposes ‘Reckless’ Trump Pandemic Response

The publication accuses top Trump officials of “failed stewardship” and a “persistent pattern of political interference” that undermined the nation’s response to a pandemic that has killed more than a million people in the United States.


I have dozens more articles about the Republicans’ horrible stupidity and incompetence about this.  I might post more of them to this blog.  But the recent ones above give you a good idea of the mess people are in — especially if they live in an area governed by Republicans.






















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