Health care reform: See these short, funny videos about Norway’s solution

As my blog’s category for “Health Care Reform” explains, the U.S. spends twice as much per person on health care as other rich nations, but we have far, far worse outcomes in actual health.  Other nations recognize that health care is a human right, so they provide nationwide coverage for everyone and — instead of capitalistic insurance companies, etc., — they have streamlined governmental systems that cost half of what health costs in the U.S.


Recently some friends shared a link to a short video ad that appeared on the 2021 Super Bowl TV coverage.  The comedian Will Ferrell was talking about how Norway provides health care in a much better way than the U.S. does.

HERE ARE THREE VERY SHORT — and FUNNY — VIDEOS about the different ways of providing health care:

After that Super Bowl ad had aired, Norway replied with this:

Another one from Adger University is even better:

University in Norway responds to Will Ferrell and GMs Super Bowl ad – Sorry (not sorry) – YouTube