Military “solutions” do NOT work anywhere — including NOT in Israel-Palestine

Military “solutions” do not work!

They only make problems worse.

Each side’s violence against the other side provides an excuse for retaliation.

We must stop the cycle of violence.

We must understand the root causes and use honest diplomacy (not bullying and threats) to solve the underlying problems.


During the Cold War – and again now – each side’s fear of the other has led to an escalation of nuclear weapons that are more technologically sophisticated – and DESIGNED to make it easier to start a nuclear war.  I have written about practical steps toward reversing that.


We need practical steps toward solving other difficult problems.


Israel’s violent retaliation killed MANY THOUSANDS MORE people than Hamas had killed on October 7.

Israel’s violence has ANGERED THE WORLD AGAINST Israel.

The violence backfired.

At the U.N. General Assembly only Israel and the U.S. opposed a ceasefire.  The rest of the world wanted peace.

Israel and the U.S. have become “rogue nations.”

We need to pursue peace.


Many savvy people and organizations have promoted solutions.  I don’t have time to write here about them.


We need to stop the cycle of violence – and get off the merry-go-round of endless killing.

Nonviolence includes LISTENING OPEN-MINDEDLY to understand the experiences and the suffering of people on the other side of the conflict.  Both sides are failing to do that.  The “Compassionate Listening” model and Marshall Rosenberg’s “Nonviolent Communication” model work at the interpersonal level and also at the international level.



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