When Democrats nominate war-hawks for president, Republicans win by running as peace candidates

In the spring of 1968, President Johnson realized that his horribly unpopular war in Vietnam would PREVENT him from being re-elected, so he withdrew from his presidential campaign.  His VP, Hubert Humphrey, became the Democratic nominee.  But instead of listening to the public, which opposed the Vietnam War, Humphrey campaigned as a pro-war candidate.

Richard Nixon campaigned as a “peace” candidate with a promise to end the war, so voters elected Nixon, even though he was horrible in every other way.

Leading up to 2016, the Democratic Party kept promoting Hillary Clinton as the only candidate it would consider.  (Remember the slogan, “Ready for Hillary?”)

She had spent several years raking in $160,000 for each of her many speaking engagements to Wall Street banking audiences.  She was totally subservient to Big Business.  She had pushed Obama into a number of horribly stupid and cruel wars (Libya, etc.), and she was a NOTORIOUS WAR-HAWK.  The Democratic Party crammed her down our throats as the 2016 nominee.

Trump’s campaign messages included criticizing her hawkishness and sounding as if he were more peace-oriented.  Voters elected Trump.

The Democratic Party does not learn from its mistakes.  Now it is trying to cram down our throats war-hawk Biden, whose approval rating is lower than 50%.  As horrible as Trump is, many people think he is less hawkish than Biden.  Biden’s wars are repelling voters away from the Democratic Party.  Many people will not vote.  Biden’s wars are very likely to elect Republicans to the presidency and to majorities in the House and Senate.

We must urge Biden to withdraw now – as LBJ did – and urge the Democratic Party to promote a peace candidates in order to avoid a Republican tri-fecta.



ALSO, SEE THIS posted on Jan. 6, 2024, by a savvy peace organizer in Illinois:

Biden’s re-election chances disappearing along with Palestinians disappearing from his enabled genocide in Gaza

Seventeen Biden campaign staffers sent him a letter protesting his support for the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.

“Complicity in the death of over 20,000 Palestinians, 8,200 of whom are children, simply cannot be justified. Biden for President staff have seen volunteers quit in droves, and people who have voted blue for decades feel uncertain about doing so for the first time ever, because of this conflict.”

The letter notes 72% of voters under 30 disapprove of his enabling genocide in Gaza and that a majority of all voters favor ceasefire.

Hundreds of government workers signed similar letters and several have resigned. Besides current staffers over 500 former Democratic Biden staffers did the same in November.

Enabling genocide is not good for humanity. For Joe Biden, it’s also not good for getting re-elected.










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