Poverty results from this: A Quarter of Biden’s Budget Will Go to Pentagon Contractors. They donate heavily to Congress’s armed services committees.

A Quarter of Biden’s Budget Will Go to Pentagon Contractors

March 9, 2023:  Today the White House released the President’s budget request, laying out the President’s priorities for the country.

Lindsay Koshgarian

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Congress’s Armed Services Committee members received $5.8 million from military companies during 2022 election cycle

By Taylor Giorno March 3, 2023 1:43 pm



Here is an interesting post about budgets and military spending:



World Beyond War created a billboard that connects the dots between military spending and hunger:



I wrote this article and produced my October 2022 TV program to connect the dots between the U.S.’s poverty, military spending, nuclear weapons, and solutions:

The Poor People’s campaign (https://www.poorpeoplescampaign.org) connects the dots between the U.S.’s poverty and militarism.  On June 9, 2022, I discussed the connections on Kim Dobson’s radio program about our militaristic economy and specifically how nuclear weapons diverts the vast wealth of America away from the legitimate needs of housing, medical care and education.  This radio interview supported the Poor People’s Campaign – which accurately describes itself as “A National Call for Moral Revival” — and the issues for which it is organizing.  Here is a link so you can hear that radio interview:  Parallel U 6-9-2022.mp3 Glen Anderson Poor People’s Campaign

I adapted that into an ARTICLE that I posted to my blog on June 12, 2022:  “Poverty – Militarism – Nuclear Weapons”:  https://parallaxperspectives.org/poverty-militarism-nuclear-weapons

Then I adapted that information into a script for the my October 2022 TV program, which aired on cable TV in Thurston County WA three times a week throughout October.  I titled  that TV program “Spending for Military and Nuclear Weapons Makes Poverty Worse.”  I posted that video to my blog, along with an expanded version of the transcript that included more information and live links.  Here is the link to that blog post:  https://parallaxperspectives.org/10392-2