Biden’s wars antagonize voters and suppress turnout! Biden’s wars will elect Trump + Republicans!

The Democratic Party is electing Trump again.

In 2016 the Democratic Party crammed Hillary Clinton down our throats, even though Democratic voters preferred other candidates.

Hillary Clinton was a HORRIBLE WAR-HAWK!

She was TOTALLY SUBSERVIENT TO BIG BUSINESS – and was making huge amounts of money speaking to audiences of Wall Street bankers.

She was so horrible that Trump was able to run on her political LEFT for peace and claiming to be the champion of ordinary workers.

The Democratic Party thought Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide because Trump was such a wacko.


The Democratic Party LEARNED NOTHING from 2016.



Voters want peace, but Joe Biden is an EXTREME WAR-HAWK!

Biden’s wars are ANTAGONIZING VOTERS away from the Democratic Party!


Although he campaigned with promises to protect the climate, Biden has promoted more oil & gas drilling, pipelines, and exports of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Biden is ANTAGONIZING voters who care about the climate.


Biden is CONTINUING Trump’s cruelty to immigrants.

Biden is BUILDING Trump’s Wall.

Biden is ANTAGONIZING Latino voters and other people who care about immigrants’ rights.


Biden is ACTUALLY SUPPRESSING VOTER TURNOUT in the “voting base” that Democrats need in order to win.

Trump’s cult members are loyal and will vote for Republicans.

Biden is ANTAGONIZING many kinds of voters, so they will NOT VOTE.


Biden – and the stupid Democratic Party – are electing Trump again!


The Democratic Party ABSOLUTELY MUST REPLACE BIDEN with a truly progressive PEACE candidate!







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