While Warning of Nazi-Like Fascism and Corporate Crimes, Pope Francis Proposes Adding ‘Ecological Sin’ to Church Teachings

November 16, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

While Warning of Nazi-Like Fascism and Corporate Crimes, Pope Francis Proposes Adding ‘Ecological Sin’ to Church Teachings In remarks at the Vatican, the leader of the Catholic Church condemned “the large-scale delinquency of corporations.” https://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/16/while-warning-nazi-fascism-and-corporate-crimes-pope-francis-proposes-adding?cd-origin=rss&utm_term=AO&utm_campaign=Weekly%20Newsletter&utm_content=email&utm_source=Weekly%20Newsletter&utm_medium=Email        

Ralph Nader says Trump is the most impeachable Pres. ever, but Congress is the most hesitant

November 16, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

Ralph Nader wrote this article: The Most Impeachable President in US History vs. The Most Hesitant Congress. What are the Democrats waiting for? Trump is the most impeachable tyrant in the country’s history—hands down. https://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/16/most-impeachable-president-us-history-vs-most-hesitant-congress?cd-origin=rss&utm_term=AO&utm_campaign=Weekly%20Newsletter&utm_content=email&utm_source=Weekly%20Newsletter&utm_medium=Email    

Trump says he is “absolutely immune” from criminal investigation!

November 16, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

Democrats’ timidity in failing to impeach Trump for many, many impeachable offenses has convinced Trump that HE IS ABOVE THE LAW! Asking Supreme Court to Shield His Tax Returns, Trump Claims He Is ‘Absolutely Immune’ From Criminal Investigation “It’s absolutely shocking the lengths Donald Trump will go to to shield himself from accountability.” https://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/15/asking-supreme-court-shield-his-tax-returns-trump-claims-he-absolutely-immune?cd-origin=rss&utm_term=AO&utm_campaign=Weekly%20Newsletter&utm_content=email&utm_source=Weekly%20Newsletter&utm_medium=Email   I remember when the Republican Party used to claim to be the party of “law and order.”    

Texas stays the execution of an INNOCENT man

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On Friday November 15, 2019, the Court of Criminal Appeals in Texas indefinitely stayed Rodney Reed’s execution. Now his case will go back to the trial court where the false testimony and innocence claims will be considered before any further action is taken. Massive public pressure forced the State of Texas to stay the execution of Rodney Reed, who is ALMOST CERTAINLY INNOCENT.  His case will go back to court for further consideration.  This good news occurred ONLY because MILLIONS OF PEOPLE signed petitions and THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE phoned Texas’s decision-makers and HUNDREDS OF EVENTS AND VIGILS called for the […]

Sign up now for 6 practical workshops in Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing in Olympia

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People who have taken my series of 6 workshops on Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing have found them inspiring, informative and practical. I am offering them again in early 2020 at a convenient location in downtown Olympia:  sessions 1 and 2 on SAT JAN 18, sessions 3 and 4 on SAT JAN 25, and sessions 5 and 6 on SAT FEB 1. Space is limited, so PLEASE SIGN UP NOW, and I’ll provide the address. See this flyer: 6 workshops on NV Grassroots Organizing — Jan. 2020 FLYER For EVERY issue you care about (peace, climate, economics, democracy, social justice, human rights, […]

Chris Hedges wrote about “The Age of Radical Evil”

October 26, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

Chris Hedges keeps writing articles that are powerfully insightful and wise. His articles connect the dots across a number of issues. They are very much worth reading. Here is one from October 2019: https://www.truthdig.com/articles/the-age-of-radical-evil/          

Impeach Trump for MANY, MANY reasons beyond Ukraine! Protect the Constitution and the Rule of Law!

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While mainstream Democrats and mainstream media focus on Trump’s blatantly impeachable offenses regarding his extortion against Ukraine, they are overlooking MANY, MANY OTHER impeachable offenses.  The House ABSOLUTELY MUST include those in its Articles of Impeachment!  Otherwise the Democrats are giving Trump a free ride — “complete exoneration,” as Trump might say — for Trump’s MANY, MANY OTHER impeachable offenses. I encourage you to watch my September 2019 TV program about impeaching Trump and/or reading the thorough summary I typed about what my guests and I said during the TV interview.  The video interview and the thorough summary are available […]

Trump’s EMOLUMENTS are a blatantly impeachable offenses!!!

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The people who developed the U.S. Constitution were afraid that sometime a CORRUPT POWER-GRABBER would become President, so they wrote IMPEACHMENT into the Constitution.  They identified a few EXPLICITLY IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES and also wrote broad wording about “high crimes and misdemeanors” so the impeachment clause could be used in a wide range of circumstances to prevent a President from abusing his power. One of the few EXPLICITLY STATED impeachable offenses pertains to “EMOLUMENTS.”  This old-fashioned word pertains to USING PRESIDENTIAL POWER TO ILLEGITIMATELY ENRICH HIMSELF.  The Constitution specifies BOTH international and domestic emoluments.  TRUMP IS CLEARLY GUILTY OF BOTH. Ordinary […]

Texas plans to execute Rodney Reed, even though he is VERY LIKELY INNOCENT!

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Let’s help to prevent Texas from executing Rodney Read, who is VERY LIKELY INNOCENT! He is another black man convicted and sentenced to die by an all-white jury. Strong evidence supports his claim that he is innocent – and that a white man killed the victim. See this information: https://truthout.org/articles/the-fight-to-save-rodney-reed-from-execution-in-texas/      

Pelosi and House Democrats are TOO TIMID about impeaching Trump!

October 12, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

For 2 1/2 years House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other powerful Democrats have refused to impeach Trump, despite his MANY, MANY violations of the Constitution and MANY, MANY violations of federal law. The Constitution explicitly urges a strong remedy when a President becomes a tyrant:  IMPEACHMENT!  The Constitution’s explicit remedy has been available to impeach Trump all the way back to his inauguration in January 2017 when he has been clearly — and continuously VIOLATING the Constitution’s EXPLICIT prohibition of using the presidential power as a gimmick for financial gain.  The Constitution explicitly prohibits both foreign and domestic “emoluments.” Since […]

What bold, positive realities would you want for 4 years from now?

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I am always encouraging people to envision and organize bold goals for a significantly better future.  Recently I posted to my blog this article inviting us to do that:  http://parallaxperspectives.org/lets-boldly-create-the-future-we-really-want-2 Now I invite you to take the next step. Please read (or re-read) that blog post and send me your e-mail suggestions for this topic: What bold, good reality would you want for four years from now — October 2023? Instead of feeling constrained by the current conditions that are bogging our nation down and curtailing our imaginations, I invite you to BOLDLY AND CREATIVELY IMAGINE the future you really […]

Sign up now for 6 practical workshops in Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing

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For EVERY issue you care about (peace, climate, economics, democracy, social justice, human rights, etc.), the REAL SOLUTIONS will come when people organize nonviolently and strategically at the grassroots. ALL OF US — new people, experienced organizers, and everybody in between — can STRENGTHEN OUR SKILLS and add resources to our “toolboxes” so we can make more progress in working on our issues. I am offering my excellent series of SIX PRACTICAL WORKSHOPS on Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing to occur from mid-October to late November 2019 in the Olympia WA area — and perhaps also in other locations. Six consecutive Saturday […]


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This article explains what happened behind the scenes that caused Pelosi and other negligent Democrats to finally agree to start impeaching Trump: https://theintercept.com/2019/09/24/impeachment-inquiry-donald-trump-nancy-pelosi/   But there is MUCH MORE we need to know about the huge gap between Congress members’ public positions and what they really think — and about the huge gap between Democrats’ partisan political calculations and the hard realities of Trump’s absolutely horrible impeachable offenses!   Nixon won a landslide re-election in Nov. 1972. But less than 2 years later (Aug. 1974) he was forced to resign. When Nixon’s impeachment hearings began to reveal powerful evidence, the […]

Pelosi GIVES TRUMP A FREE RIDE on everything except Ukraine. Urge her to investigate MANY, MANY impeachable offenses!!!

September 27, 2019 GlenAnderson 0

For 2 1/2 years Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House, has refused to impeach Trump, despite his MANY, MANY violations of the Constitution and MANY, MANY violations of federal law. Her negligence has enabled and emboldened Trump to do worse and worse things that seriously hurt human beings, the environment, our nation, and Planet Earth.  Pelosi kept refusing to hold Trump accountable in the way that the Constitution specifies when a President becomes a tyrant:  IMPEACHMENT. Finally, now Pelosi wants to impeach Trump, but ONLY for his Ukraine scandal.  PELOSI IS STILL GIVING TRUMP A FREE RIDE FOR […]