Nonviolent Ways to Heal Our Society’s Dysfunction — Watch Glen’s TV program online or on cable

The February 2023 program on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV series provides insights and inspiration to help people solve problems that have been getting worse in our society.

After mentioning some serious problems, we pivot toward proposing some smart nonviolent ways to solve the problems.  This TV interview is positive, upbeat, creative and practical.

Rivera Sun is the expert guest who helps us explore these topics.  Rivera Sun is an author, activist, and the Programs Coordinator for Pace e Bene / Campaign Nonviolence.
People in Thurston County WA who have cable TV can watch it on channel 22 three times a week throughout February 2023: every Monday at 1:30 pm; every Wednesday at 5:00 pm; and every Thursday at 9:00 pm
People ANYWHERE can watch it for free at ANY TIME and/or read the thorough summary Glen typed up of what we said during the interview – with links to many additional resources.  Glen posted the VIDEO and the THOROUGH SUMMARY here.


Glen typed up a very thorough summary of what we said during the interview — and included much additional information, including a list of some good organizations and websites working for peace.  Besides watching the interview video, I hope you will also read the thorough summary.  CLICK THE NEXT LINK TO READ THE THOROUGH SUMMARY:

2023.02 Healing Society’s Dysfunction — SUMMARY and MORE INFORMATION

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