Strategically smart messages toward abolishing the death penalty

Building a movement to abolish the death penalty – both through changing public opinion and then through passing legislation – requires strategically smart messaging.

Below I’m attaching something I wrote that uses 3 smart steps to help people recognize that the status quo is broken and to decide we can abolish the death penalty without sacrificing public safety:

Fact #1:  The death penalty does not deliver what it promises.

Fact #2:  The death penalty makes existing problems worse and it causes more problems.

Fact #3:  We can let go of the death penalty and still be safe.


I wrote this into an article, which I attached here:

Death Penalty Fails its Promises — Causes More Problems Instead

I summarized this 3-step flow into testimony to a state legislative committee, which I attached here:

TESTIMONY 2018.01.22


I hope you will find this approach useful.