Fresh insights into Trump’s reaction to getting caught stealing top secret documents

In the past several years, I have posted a number of items to my blog’s “Trump” category.  I plan to post more in 2023.

In August 2022 the news reported that Trump STOLE many boxes of our nation’s MOST HIGHLY TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS when he left the White House.  The government repeatedly asked him to return them, but Trump kept refusing.  Finally, the FBI obtained a search warrant and legally searched his Mar-a-Lago home.  The FBI found many, many of the stolen documents, but not all of them.  Later, some of them were found at other Trump properties.

If — as has been widely speculated — that Trump has given or sold them to foreign nations or other entities, that would be EXTREMELY TREASONOUS!


To understand Trump’s behavior — including his reaction to the government’s PERFECTLY LEGAL actions to retrieve the top secret documents — we must understand that Trump has NO conscience. He acts ONLY to promote his EGO, WEALTH and POWER.

Trump’s psychiatric problems include megalomania, narcissism, and paranoia.  He is psychologically not capable of accepting responsibility for his extremely bad behavior.  Instead, he blames other people and doubles down on defensive statements.  Instead of admitting that he committed crimes, he claims to be the victim.

He did that in this case too.  The FBI’s search warrant, search, and seizure were all completely legal, but Trump claimed to be the victim.  He said his home was “invaded,” and — as he usually does — he resorted to childish name-calling against the people who were performing their perfectly legal duties.


Suppose a bank robber stole a lot of money and took it home with him.  The police knew who committed the crime, obtained a search warrant, and retrieved the stolen money.  Trump’s position is that the police “invaded” the bank robber’s home and had no right to retrieve the stolen money.


While in office, Trump claimed to be the “law and order” president.  All the while — and after leaving office — Trump committed many, many, many serious crimes.