Urgent: Save innocent Tony Apanovitch from Ohio’s death penalty

I’m on the e-mail list of Ohioans to Stop Executions (OTSE).  They do good work in one of the few northern states that still uses the death penalty.  See their message below urging people to tell Ohio to save the life of an innocent person.  I hope you will contact Ohio’s governor and parole board.  I clicked their links and sent letters.  I reworded their letters as follows:


OTSE sent this message and asked us to help:

Hello Glen,

The State of Ohio is on track to execute an innocent man.

Tony Apanovitch’s innocence is not just a matter of his word. In 2015, an Ohio court acquitted him of his charges after 30 years in prison. But because of a legal technicality, Tony was placed back on death row in 2018, following two and a half years of living as a free man, marrying his longtime girlfriend, caring for his grandchildren, and attending church.

Tony’s best shot at winning his freedom is to get a parole board hearing followed by an executive clemency decision from Governor DeWine.

Will you send a message to the parole board today, asking for a hearing?


Click here to send your message!

I sent this to Governor DeWine:

Many nations in the civilized world have ABOLISHED THE DEATH PENALTY.

In the U.S., MORE AND MORE STATES have abolished it too.



PLEASE ENCOURAGE the Ohio Parole Board to hold a hearing for Anthony Apanovitch. YOU HAVE THE POWER to urge them to hear Apanovitch’s serious claims of innocence.

Do this for the sake of LIFE and JUSTICE


I sent this to the Ohio Parole Board:

Ohio Parole Board Members,

PLEASE hold a hearing for Anthony Apanovitch as soon as possible!

Mr. Apanovitch has serious claims of innocence, as evidenced by the 2015 court case that acquitted him of the charges brought by the prosecution. Our criminal legal system has failed Mr. Apanovitch!  YOU MUST NOT KILL THIS INNOCENT PERSON!

Please use your power, knowledge, and position to provide Mr. Apanovitch the hearing he deserves.









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