TV: “Fukushima, Hanford, and Dangers of Living Near Nuclear Radiation”

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s November 2015 TV program examines the problems of nuclear power, including the disaster that occurred in Fukushima, Japan, and the ongoing problems at Hanford in Wash-ington State, where the same model of reactor is operating.

We’ll also gain insights into how people in Fukushima are dealing with their problems and how people eve-rywhere can deal realistically with the dangers of nuclear radiation.

Two guests with long experience and extensive knowledge of nuclear power explore this topic:
Carolyn Treadway has a lifelong connection with Japan, she visited Fukushima twice recently and talked with many people about the realities and how they are coping. Her parts of the TV interview include a number of compelling photographs
Tom Buchanan was working for Greenpeace on a radioactive waste campaign when Chernobyl blew up in 1986. Now he works hard on issues related to Eastern Washington’s Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

To watch this interview, CLICK HERE.

To read a thorough summary of what we said during the interview, Program Description — November 2015.