“Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices”

November 30, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

Everybody knows that our criminal justice system is dysfunctional in many ways. Despite paying lip service to victims, the current system does practically nothing for them and focuses almost entirely on punishing offenders. Despite paying lip service to – QUOTE “corrections” UNQUOTE, the current system does NOT correct behavior, but merely punishes it. Jails and prisons diminish the inmates’ ability to live civilly, brutalize them, and turn them into hardened criminals. The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s April 2010 TV program explores “Restorative Justice” – a totally fresh alternative to our criminal justice system.  We also explore applying similar “Restorative Practices” […]

The power of nonviolent noncooperation

November 25, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

“The underlying fact that we tend to overlook is that while systems do not listen to people very well, they are made up of the very people to whom they do not listen. The existence of a given system depends upon the cooperation of all those who do not benefit from it and all who are hurt by it, as well as upon the smaller number of people who gain status or wealth from it. If those of us who protest the injustice of our system were instead to withdraw our support from the system, then change would begin.” —Shelley […]

Nuclear weapons industry has much power over Congress and Trump

November 25, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

I have read a great many articles and one or more books by the author of this article, William Hartung. Decades ago I drove to Seattle to hear him speak. He is one of the most knowledgeable experts. The article at the link below is especially relevant to our current crisis, in which the U.S. is starting to replace its entire nuclear weapons arsenal with thousands of all-new nuclear weapons and the triad of delivery systems. This is totally unnecessary and horribly reckless. It will waste huge amounts of taxpayers’ money ($1.7 TRILLION, according to this article) that we need […]

Print these anti-Trump labels. Attach them to envelopes you mail.

November 25, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

Stopping Trump’s abuses will require many nonviolent actions, including small decentralized actions such as sticking anti-Trump labels onto every envelope we mail.  Click the link below, print out this page of 30 labels onto a sheet of 1″ by 2 5/8″ labels, stick one label to the lower left corner of an envelope, and circle it in red ink before you mail it. CLICK THIS LINK: LABELS against Trump’s fascism

I offer a 6-session workshop series on “Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing”

November 21, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

Nonviolence is more than ethical.  It is very practical too. Our community, nation and world have serious problems that can be solved only by Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing. Therefore, I’m offering a practical series of 6 interactive workshops with plenty of handouts. These workshops can empower you and others to organize nonviolently at the grassroots to solve problems and make our world a better place. The participants could be interested in a variety of issues, or I could adapt the series to focus on one issue (e.g., abolishing nuclear weapons, or creating universal single-payer health care, or raising the minimum wage […]

TV: “Solving Homelessness Problems in New Ways: A Systems Approach”

November 20, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

Watch this insightful TV interview HERE. Read a very thorough summary of what we said Program Description — June 2013. The greater Olympia and Thurston County areas have recently been addressing the homelessness problems in more thoughtful and comprehensive ways. On the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s June 2013 TV program, three guests dispel the misunderstandings that have impaired public discussions. Our guests also lay out some of the positive new directions for helping homeless people more effectively. See contact information for these guests and several great non-profit organizations at the end of this article. We begin with a clearer understanding […]

TV: “Social and Economic Justice Can Help Ease the Climate Crisis”

November 20, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

The science is settled. The climate crisis is real. And human behavior – especially burning fossil fuels – has caused it. The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s July 2013 TV program goes past the obvious causes to examine some causes that are not usually recognized. And these unrecognized sources of the problem are also unrecognized solutions! Our TV program explores how the very real imbalances of social and economic power – actual social and economic injustices – are part of the problem. And we explore how correcting the imbalances of social and economic power can help relieve the climate crisis. Our […]

TV: “Peace from Local to Global”

November 20, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s August 2013 TV program brings together three interesting guests who explore a variety of aspects related to peace all the way from the neighborhood level to the global level. Rozanne Rants, Holly Gwinn Graham, and Larry Kerschner are warm, wise and engaging. Rozanne Rants has long, deep roots in our community. An amazingly diverse range of people enjoy Rozanne’s friendship. I’ve enjoyed working with her on a variety of issues and activities, including several through the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation. She always brings warmth and wisdom to whatever she does, and I’m delighted that she […]

TV: “Iran: Understanding the Realities — Achieving Peace”

November 20, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s September 2013 TV program about Iran is informative and still timely because of the U.S. government’s continuing hostility to that nation. Iran is often in the news, but much of what the US’s news media and politicians say grossly inaccurate. Much of it is mean-spirited and downright harmful. The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s September 2013 TV program: • Reviews Iran’s history • Provides for context for understanding what is really happening now. • Corrects some of the misinformation we’ve been hearing for many years. • Suggests more constructive ways to promote peace with Iran. This […]

TV: “Dangers of Genetically Modified Food”

November 20, 2017 GlenAnderson 0

In recent years more and more people have become concerned that giant corporations are doing things to the food we eat that are bad for our human health, bad for agricultural animals, and bad for the environment. A few giant corporations are tampering with the genetic makeup of food crops such as corn and soy. They are splicing into these food crops some genes from totally different species to kill weeds or insects, or to make the plants grow faster. The changed crops are referred to as “genetically modified” (GM) or “genetically engineered” (GE). Scientists are increasingly warning us of […]