TV: “100 Years of FOR’s Bold Nonviolent Work for Peace and Justice”

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s October 2015 TV program celebrates highlights about the FOR’s 100 years of accomplishments in the United States.

The national FOR has accomplished much, but usually has been too modest about promoting itself. The FOR works well with other organizations and wants to accomplish good work, regardless of who gets the credit for doing it. As a result, although the FOR is not very well known, it has actually accomplished quite a lot during the past 100 years.

This TV program highlights only a few of the fascinating pieces of the past 100 years, but we illustrate them with a great many visual images, so this TV program is visually compelling in addition to being interesting to hear.

Local FOR members and FOR chapters (such as the vigorous one in Olympia, Washington) can act upon the FOR’s values at the grassroots level, so this TV program includes a few of these examples.

To do all of this, three guests — Douglas Mackey, Jody Mackey, and former national FOR youth director Ron Young — share interesting information and insights.

We also show a number of visual images during the interview.

To watch this program, CLICK HERE.

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