TV: “Bold, Friendly Action to Help LGBTQ Ugandans Flee to Safety”

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s January 2016 TV program lifts up a bold, compassionate, nonvi-olent way to help people who are in danger because of the homophobic political culture in the African nation of Uganda. The action began with courageous, compassionate people within Uganda and is supported by Quakers and other people in Olympia WA USA and elsewhere.

This month’s TV program explores a bold and courageous way that people in Uganda and elsewhere are protecting the lives and safety of people in Uganda who are endangered because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. People in Olympia and elsewhere are providing financial support to help endangered LGBTQ people escape from Uganda through the Friends Ugandan Safe Transport Fund.

Three guests help us explore this topic. All three are active with the local Quaker congregation, Olympia Friends Meeting:
Kathleen O’Shaunessy is a clinical psychologist with a long interest in serving people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.
Alan Mountjoy-Venning has been a very active local Quaker in the Olympia Friends Meeting since the 1970s.
Gabi Clayton is a key organizer of the Friends Ugandan Safe Transport Fund. She has long experience working for human rights, including people who are LGBTQ.

To watch this interview, CLICK HERE.

To read a thorough summary of what we said, Program Description — January 2016.

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