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The October 2019 interview on my TV series “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” focuses on how the Religious Right has hijacked Christianity and much of our nation’s government.  I interview three guests who make a strong case for authentic Christianity, which is the opposite of what has become dominant.  Watch the interview and/or read a thorough summary of what we said at this link:

The thorough summary includes much additional information — and links to many articles — beyond what we had time to say during the TV interview.
In addition to those resources, I invite you to click the following links for additional information:
“Jesus Christ:  Model of the Nonviolent Human Being” by John Dear:  John Dear’s article on Christianity and nonviolence

Since the time of the Early Church, theologians and other people have tried to define criteria for when a war is morally permissible.  The “Just War” theory has evolved over time in an attempt to define the criteria.  The “Just War” theory requires that a war meet ALL of the criteria before it can be deemed “just.”  But I believe that this is futile, especially because nowadays ALL of our wars (especially any nuclear war) cannot meet the criteria — NOT ALL of the criteria, and actually HARDLY ANY of the criteria.  The “Just War” theory has become obsolete.

I wrote this page about this:  Just War Theory — and Nuclear Weapons
And I like this article about the Just War Theory: Just War criteria and discussion and also this article:  Principles of the Just War
Republicans and big business duped millions of evangelical Christians to support them instead of Jesus:  How Republicans and Their Big Business Allies Duped Tens of Millions
In late 2003 a coalition of moderate and liberal religious leaders started a political advocacy organization to mobilize voters in opposition to the worst policies of the George W. Bush administration.  See this:  Clergy Group to Counter Conservatives — An article from 2003
The Ten Commandments are sometimes referred to as “The Decalogue.”  Some pacifists have written “The Decalogue for a Spirituality of Nonviolence.”  Here it is: Decalogue for a Spirituality of Nonviolence — Simple format























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