Pelosi and House Democrats are TOO TIMID about impeaching Trump!

For 2 1/2 years House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other powerful Democrats have refused to impeach Trump, despite his MANY, MANY violations of the Constitution and MANY, MANY violations of federal law.

The Constitution explicitly urges a strong remedy when a President becomes a tyrant:  IMPEACHMENT!  The Constitution’s explicit remedy has been available to impeach Trump all the way back to his inauguration in January 2017 when he has been clearly — and continuously VIOLATING the Constitution’s EXPLICIT prohibition of using the presidential power as a gimmick for financial gain.  The Constitution explicitly prohibits both foreign and domestic “emoluments.”

Since taking power, Trump has violated the Constitution and federal laws and international laws in many, many ways!  See our September 2019 TV program in which I interview guests who build an absolutely solid case for Trump’s impeachable offenses and the need to push hard for impeachment now — on MANY, MANY grounds, not just the Ukraine scandal that erupted most recently.  Watch the interview and/or read a thorough summary (with links to additional information) at

The timidity and outright negligence of Pelosi and powerful Democrats have enabled and emboldened Trump to do worse and worse things that seriously hurt human beings, the environment, our nation, and Planet Earth.

Finally, now Pelosi, Representative Schiff, and many other powerful Democrats want to impeach Trump, but ONLY for his Ukraine scandal. THEY ARE STILL GIVING TRUMP A FREE RIDE FOR ALL OF HIS MANY, MANY OTHER IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES.

They should impeach Trump for his MANY, MANY, MANY impeachable offenses!

Congress has the constitutional authority to conduct investigations, so the Trump regime’s many acts of OBSTRUCTIONISM are UNCONSTITUTIONAL — and additional impeachable offenses!  Congress should have ALREADY JAILED many of Trump’s people for unconstitutionally violating Congress’s investigations!

Pelosi and many Democrats are still giving Trump a FREE RIDE on pretty much everything except Ukraine.  Urge them to investigate MANY, MANY impeachable offenses — and to ENFORCE their subpoenas by throwing Trump’s people in jail when they violate Congress’s legitimate subpoenas!

Here are two articles urge investigations and articles of impeachment for MANY, MANY crimes and violations of the Constitution:

One sentence in this second article says, “For House Democrats to wait this long and then impeach a reckless, lawless, racist, tax-dodging president only over his interactions with the president of Ukraine would be to effectively give Trump a clean bill of health on everything else.”

Recently mainstream Democrats put all their eggs into the “Russiagate” basket.  They focused on only this and ignored the MANY MORE SERIOUS REASONS for impeaching Trump.  Now the Democrats are focusing on “Ukrainegate” and again failing to sufficiently expose and push hard on Trump’s many more serious impeachable offenses.

PLEASE URGE CONGRESS — especially your own House member and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — to INVESTIGATE AND SUPPORT ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT ON MANY, MANY of Trump’s crimes and violations of the Constitution, not only the Ukraine scandal.




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