How could we frame our international peace message to avoid a rhetorical pitfall?

We want peace worldwide.  We need to help people understand international issues with a worldwide vision and values that reach all around the globe.

However, the right wing — and ultra-nationalists — have been promoting rhetoric AGAINST this worldwide view.  They denounce “globalism” (and often hatefully claim Jews are behind it).  Unfortunately, the right-wing media and many Americans — including some members of Congress — fall into the trap.

This irrational mania interferes with our legitimate organizing for peace and international problem-solving (including global environmental, climate, disease, economic, and other problems).

Actually, part of the problem is global CAPITALISM, but the rhetoric does not mention CAPITALISM explicitly, even while they imply Jews are causing the problem.

The internationalist and peaceful perspectives we promote are NOT what the right-wing “anti-globalists” are opposing.  We who work for peace and international perspectives need to figure out how to “frame” what we say — the problems and solutions — without triggering people on the other side so they would try to trump us with their “anti-globalist” rhetoric and hatred.

Even if we don’t recruit right-wingers into our movement, we can at least avoid having them misunderstand our proposal and bad-mouth us.