“How to Deal With the U.S.’s Current Crises”

“How to Deal With the U.S.’s Current Crises”

October 2020

Our nation is suffering from several extremely serious problems all at once.  The crises are deeply rooted and actually go beyond individual elected officials and political parties.  Problems include the COVID-19 pandemic, economic injustices, homelessness, excessive military spending, racial injustices, the criminal justice system, unfairness to immigration, right-wing extremism, the climate crisis, nuclear weapons, and Trumpism.

Instead of merely lamenting “ain’t-it-awful,” three guests (Jean Gant Delastrada, Liz Moore, and Glen Gersmehl) provide smart insights into those problems and lift up some positive values that can help us solve them.  We also propose strategies to help us create the solutions that our nation needs.  Grassroots people can indeed take the leadership in solving difficult problems.  Voting is necessary, but it is not nearly enough.


Also, for each month’s TV program, I type up a thorough summary of what we said and include links to additional sources of information.  I have not yet completed that, but when I do I will add a link to this blog post.