Powerfully informative resources prove Trump’s horrible corruption, incompetence, etc.

We keep seeing various articles documenting various ways in which Trump is cruel, corrupt, incompetent, etc.  Recently two reputable national magazines focused entire issues on compiling such articles.  They are powerful resources.  I recommend them highly.


The July-August 2020 issue of Mother Jones focused especially on Trump’s extreme mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The front cover says:  “PLAGUED:  Grift, Greed, Gaslighting:  A Special Report on Trump’s COVID Corruption.”  Read it here:  https://www.motherjones.com/mag/2020/07/toc/


The October-November 2020 issue of The Progressive contains many articles on a wide variety of Trump’s terrible public policies and other actions.  It documents his cruelty, corruption, and his utter contempt for workers, the environment, the truth and the rule of law.  Subscribing to the print publication and online updates would be best.  You might find the Oct-Nov 2020 issue in your local library.  You can buy this single issue online:  https://www.pubservice.com/backissue/subbi.aspx?PC=TP&AN=&Zp=&PK=MNS2017







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