These smart insights can help us communicate effectively about the climate crisis.

Please read this smart article: To Turn Fear to Action, We Must Confront the Emotions of the Climate Emergency:


How To Talk To People About the Climate Crisis When Scary Facts Are Not Enough:

This article says starting a conversation with scary facts only frightens people away:

I believe that we’re more able to make progress if we help people thing about what they need and what they value – especially for their kids and grandkids.  Yes, the climate crisis is causing very serious problems already, but nearly 100% of the public wants their kids and grandkids to be safe and happy into the future, so I believe we will make more progress in moving the public toward protecting the climate if they can start with what they need and value – and then move on from there.


My FREE ONLINE WORKSHOPS can help climate organizers become much more effective than we have been:

I invite people to take my series of FREE ONLINE WORKSHOPS titled, “Nonviolent Grassroots Organizing.”  Look for announcements in my blog’s “Organizing” category.  I expect to offer them next in January and February 2021.  All ages and experience levels are welcome!  The workshops provide information, insights, practical resources, encouragement, and more, so you can significantly strengthen your skills in strategizing and organizing from the grassroots up, reaching out to the general public and various constituencies, and building movements that accomplish results.