2 ways Trump’s courtroom behaviors PROVE he is GUILTY

Trump is in many kinds of legal trouble.  He reacts in TWO basic ways.  EACH of his behaviors PROVES that he is GUILTY!

  1. An innocent person would want a SPEEDY TRIAL in order to clear his good name.  But Trump keeps delaying, delaying, delaying, delaying.  This PROVES Trump knows he is GUILTY.  He wants to avoid accountability for his crimes.  That’s altogether different from an innocent person wanting a speedy trial to clear the defendant’s good name.

  1. An innocent person would want the judicial process to proceed fairly and honestly without unjust pressures and threats of violence.  But Trump keeps insulting and threatening the judges, prosecutors, witnesses, and jury members – and their family members.  That is NOT what an innocent person would do!  Who issues threats?  Organized crime bosses do.  They want their thugs and goon squads to act violently.  Trump has already caused some attacks.  Trump is acting like a GUILTY mob boss.  Trump’s interference – and threats of violence – are intended to prevent the judicial system from doing its job.  Trump is PROVING that he knows he is GUILTY.

Why do mainstream media NEVER report on these obvious conclusions?


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