Weaponizing space is VERY DANGEROUS!

The “national security” baloney that has caused many stupid, endless wars — and the extremely dangerous nuclear weapons arms race since the 1940s — is escalating into space, regardless of the 1967 treaty that prohibits militarizing space.

Trump — and now Biden — have been making Planet Earth more dangerous.


Karl Grossman, one of the world’s top experts on space weapons, wrote this powerful June 16, 2021, article on escalating U.S. warfare in space”  “New Space Force laboratory opens: A breakdown on space warfare ‘autonomy.’”  It includes this quotation:  “The U.S. imperial war project, now marching headlong into the heavens, is on autopilot.”  Why leave people in the decision-making loop, when Artificial Intelligence can “automate” war-fighting?  Read this:  https://www.nationofchange.org/2021/06/16/new-space-force-laboratory-opens-a-breakdown-on-space-warfare-autonomy/


Grossman’s previous article points out:  Space weaponization “cannot be walked back.”  He says, “It’s time for arms control planning to address the issues raised by this drift toward militarization of space.”  Read his April 2021 article:  https://www.nationofchange.org/2021/04/29/space-weaponization-cannot-be-walked-back/


Grossman’s February 24, 2021, article points out that plutonium is the most lethal of all radioactive substances and should not be shot into space.  He said there is “a ‘1-in-960 chance’ of a deadly plutonium release” and is too risky.  Read this:  https://www.nationofchange.org/2021/02/24/plutonium-the-most-lethal-of-all-radioactive-substances-in-space/


In February 2021 Grossman wrote about the report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine about space nuclear propulsion.  The National Academies’ report urges nuclear-powered rockets for trips to Mars and lays out “synergies” in space nuclear activities between NASA and the U.S. military.  Read this:  https://www.nationofchange.org/2021/02/17/national-academies-of-sciences-engineering-and-medicine-reports-on-space-nuclear-propulsion/

Also see this about the same subject:  This article by Karl Grossman, one of our nation’s top experts and critics about nuclear power, exposes a reckless, dangerous new report that urges nuclear power to propel U.S. missions to Mars.  The report was written by hard-core nuclear power supporters and was recently issued by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.  The 104-page report urges more nuclear-related “synergies” in space between the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the U.S. military.  In 1958 NASA was created as a civilian agency.  See Karl Grossman’s article here:  https://www.counterpunch.org/2021/02/16/nuclear-rockets-to-mars/