War hawks promote war with China. We must PREVENT that!

Much smart research — and many smart articles — have exposed the hard reality that much of the U.S.’s foreign policy is driven by military weapons manufacturers that profit by promoting our militaristic foreign policy.

Also, many politicians promote nationalism and militarism as a way to rally voters to cheer for them.


Now powerful forces are rallying the U.S. to support a war with China — or if not an actual war, at least the steps leading up to war.  They don’t seem to recognize that wars fail to solve problems.  Also, they don’t seem to realize that the U.S.’s threats against China have recently caused China to vastly increase their nuclear weapons.  What could possibly go wrong?


See these news items:

Chinese Balloon Fiasco Has War Hawks Giddy With Anticipation

Most Americans Don’t Want War With China Or North Korea


During the Vietnam war, the U.S. used its huge military bases in the Philippines as launching pads for U.S. airplanes and ships that caused horrible destruction to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.  Recently the Philippines elected a right-wing leader, and the U.S. has started expanding its military presence there by getting four more military bases in the Philippines.

The U.S. is doing that in order to threaten China even further.  Also, the U.S. is escalating our military activities in South Korea.  Recently the U.S. conducted joint exercises with the South Korean military by using American B-1B bombers and both F-22 and F-35 fighter jets.  North Korea accused the U.S. of pushing relations with South Korea to an “extreme red line.”


Much more could be said now, but I’ll end this blog post with this article, “Biden’s National Security Strategy Is a Defense of US Domination, Not Democracy.”  Some of us recently read reading Jeffrey Sachs’ 2018 book A New Foreign Policy:  Beyond American Exceptionalism.  In that context, we’ll find this article relevant and a source of deep concern.

It is clear to me that Biden is vigorously rejecting the smart “Internationalism” that Sachs recommends.  Biden is reverting to blatant U.S. imperialism in support of the U.S.’s biggest business corporations and military dominance.  It’s as though he is channeling Henry Kissinger and the worst bullies in U.S. history, but his Orwellian rhetoric belies the cruel realities, which include reckless antagonism toward both Russia and China.  Despite Biden’s Orwellian rhetoric supporting “democracy,” he wants the U.S. to militarize Taiwan with no regard whatsoever to what Taiwan’s people want.  After all, the U.S. is the “good guy” in the world, just like U.S. presidents including Trump have claimed, so we do not need to consider what people in other countries want.

This smart article is well worth reading and sharing:  https://truthout.org/articles/bidens-national-security-strategy-is-a-defense-of-us-domination-not-democracy/?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=8eb908cc-5486-4a82-9789-c8d5359afc8f

















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