What to do about right-wing extremists who deny election results and oppose honest democracy?

Decent Americans who want democracy to survive and thrive are deeply concerned about right-wing extremists who deny election results and oppose honest democracy.  These include Donald Trump, Kari Lake, and a great number of Republicans and people more extreme than they are.

Actually, people who disagree with us differ in some ways from each other, so let’s not lump them all together and become so frightened that we feel overwhelmed and powerless.  We can devise smart strategies to deal with them.

The article here provides some fresh information and insights.  The article is titled, “Forget the Deplorables and Focus on the Persuadables: The Code behind the Far Right’s Success.”  It addresses several issues that right-wing extremist candidates have exploited.  It also addresses the increase in right-wing politics in some other nations.  Instead of merely feeling frightened or dismissing them as simply crazy, we need to understand what’s really going on and devise smarter strategies.  Read the article here:  https://www.juancole.com/2022/12/deplorables-persuadables-success.html









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