Now the news media are IGNORING the climate crisis, so WE MUST ORGANIZE a big, strategically savvy GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT!

Does the climate crisis still exist?  Has it gone away?

It is NOT in the news now.

In order to solve the climate crisis, WE MUST MAKE IT A HOT ISSUE AGAIN!!!  WE MUST ORGANIZE A SAVVY GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT to expose the problems and propose solutions!!!


Page 62 of the February-March 2023 issue of The Progressive Magazine ( reported this:

“Only one independent news source, Truthout, reported on a Media Matters for America study that found that morning TV shows gave almost as much air-time to Bezos’s 2021 space launch as they did to all climate crisis news in 2020.


Recently three billionaires (Musk, Branson and Bezos) made a lot of news by launching themselves into brief visits near space.  Bezos owns the Washington Post.  Musk owns Twitter.  These billionaires’ media ownership lets them control a lot of what people read.  All other mainstream media are owned by extremely rich people and giant capitalistic business corporations.

Capitalism created the climate crisis and continues to profit from fossil fuel companies and rampant consumer consumption.  It’s in their own financial self-interest to minimize news about the climate crisis.

Indeed, after Elon Musk bought Twitter, he ESCALATED the LIES about the climate.  See this article titled, Climate Disinformation Rampant on Twitter Following Musk’s Takeover:


On August 26, 2021, the alternative progressive news source Common Dreams ( reported this:

“In 2018, one of the top hosts on cable news openly admitted why the corporate media spend so little time covering the climate emergency.  Climate change, he said, is a “palpable ratings killer.”  Since then, the corporate media’s coverage of the climate emergency—even as global temperatures have gone up—has actually gone down.  The planet is on fire, and the corporate media ignores it because it’s in their financial interests to do so. Their business model is based on ratings and clicks, and then they sell advertising to the very fossil fuel companies that have brought our climate near the brink of collapse.”

The same post at Common Dreams also said this:  “The recent dire warning from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change grabbed corporate media headlines for one day.”


The public is far ahead of the politicians, so we must ORGANIZE GRASSROOTS MOVEMENTS to make the big changes in public policy that the people want.

Elected officials tend to avoid “sticking their necks out.”  They tend to do things that are politically “safe.”

They take actions when (1) powerful economic forces push them to take the actions; or when (2) a big, strong grassroots movement compels them to take the actions.

We know that solving the climate crisis will NOT come from powerful economic forces [source (1) above], so we must organize the grassroots movement [source (2) above].

We must organize a big, strategically savvy, and powerful grassroots movement to boldly deal with the climate crisis.





















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