TV: “The Death Penalty Is Unjust and Is Being Abolished”

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The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s May 2014 TV program about the death penalty provides fresh information, fresh insights, and fresh support for moving ahead toward abolishing it.Washington State is one of 32 states that can sentence people to death. Therefore, over the years, the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s TV series has produced a number of programs about the death penalty.

The first third of the program summarizes the problems in two ways:

(Problem #1) The death penalty fails to deliver on what it promises.

(Problem #2) Instead, it causes more problems.

After making these two points we briefly explain why we would be safe without the death penalty.

All of that happens in the first third of this TV program. Most of the rest of the program provides fresh information with a long-range view showing that we really are making progress toward abolishing the death penalty.

The final few minutes offer some good ways to move ahead.

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