TV: “Strengthen Democracy with a Community Rights Ordinance (CRO)”

To watch this interview, click HERE.

To read a .pdf summary of what we said during the interview, click Program Description — April 2014.

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s April 2014 TV program takes a fresh look at democracy – specifically, how to make democracy more real and more vibrant by practicing it at the local level. We examine the growing movement for vibrant grassroots democracy through local efforts called “Community Rights Ordinances” – CROs.

Our TV program’s three guests help us understand Community Rights Ordinances – and how we might adopt one locally, perhaps focusing on a specific concern such as sustainable local food.

Kai Huschke came from Spokane to be a guest on this program. Kai has been very active with a nationwide non-profit organization that has been promoting the CRO movement.

John Pearce also has a background in the CRO movement. John is a writer, facilitator, instructional designer, and consultant to businesses across North America.

TJ Johnson is a former member of the Olympia City Council who worked before, during and since then to improve our local community in many ways. For several years he has worked very hard on local food sustainability.