TV: “Reform Elections! Restore Democracy!”

Watch a 1-hour interview about how to improve democracy by reforming several aspects of our electoral systems.

The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s July 2017 TV program explores how our nation conducts elections. We identify several kinds of problems and propose solutions that would increase democracy and fairness.

The U.S. officially brags about being the world’s greatest democracy, but:
• Voter turnout in the U.S. is low compared to other nations.
• Rich people and big business fund campaigns that result in governmental corruption.
• Most Americans express disgust that the people we elect do not represent us well.
• People who are already suffer discrimination are also restricted from voting.
• Other problems exist too.

Three guests share their information and insights into the problems and solutions. All three guests are active with non-profit organizations that are working to reform elections and improve democracy:
• Bre Weider is active with the Washington Voting Justice Coalition.
• Colin Cole is active with Fair Vote Washington.
• Cindy Black is active with Fix Democracy First.

To watch the interview, CLICK HERE.

To read a thorough summary of what we said during the interview, CLICK HERE.

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