TV: “Protect immigrant Rights”

Watch a 1-hour interview about the legal dangers immigrants (especially those without documentation) are facing in the U.S. — and about efforts locally and nationwide to protect those rights.  The Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation’s May 2017 TV program was taped in April 2017, and the news has continuously changed, so when you watch this now some time later things might be different, but much of what we said during this hour is stable over time.
Three guests  help us explore this topic. All three are active with the local Olympia effort called “Strengthening Sanctuary,” which protects immigrant rights.
• Joanna Bryan is multi-cultural and bi-lingual with one parent from Mexico and the other from European heritage. She works professionally as a translator.
• Eder Núnez came to Oregon with his family when he was 10 years old. He and his siblings have excelled in school here. He is also a U.S. military veteran.
• Steffani Powell has been an immigration attorney for 25 years and represents persons from all over the world. Since the November 2016 election she has also volunteered much time and professional expertise to protect people’s rights.

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