TV: “Political Despair or Empowerment: It’s Your Choice!”

Watch a 1-hour interview about how to cope with the political despair so many people are feeling after the November 2016 election.

This month we’ll discuss the anxiety, fear and despair that many Americans are feeling about our nation’s current political crisis – and what we can do about that.  Many people have been alarmed by the cruel attacks coming from the federal government and other right-wing sources. As a result, some people feel overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and despair. Besides doing things to take care of ourselves, many Americans also are choosing to empower ourselves, work together, and use nonviolent organizing to solve the problems.

Three guests help us explore this topic:
Kathy Pruitt has a Master of Social Work degree and works as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.
Bob Zeigler has half a century of experience organizing nonviolent grassroots activities for a wide variety of peace and social justice issues.
Kathleen O’Shaunessy has a Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology and practices that profession locally.

All three of our guests have their ears to the ground, so they know what people are feeling and thinking. Our guests also have positive “can-do” attitudes about how to solve the problems. They suggest some remedies to help individuals in their own lives and also some remedies for helping our society overall to solve the problems that are being imposed upon us.

This was Olympia FOR’s September 2017 TV program.

To watch the interview CLICK HERE.

To read a thorough summary of what we said, CLICK Program Summary — September 2017.

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