Trump appointed MANY, MANY judges — young right-wing extremists who will enforce Trumpism for MANY DECADES into the future.

Trump and the Republicans do NOT want an honest government that will function properly and serve the public interest (by protecting consumers, the environment, social justice, constitutional rights, etc.), Trump and the Republicans DO want government to perform the bad functions (military violence, cruelty to immigrants, violations of human rights in the U.S. and worldwide, massive imprisonment, etc.).

Accordingly, Trump has refused to fill many vacancies for high-level federal positions that serve diplomacy, the environment, and other useful functions.  Now the Federal Elections Commission — which is responsible for making sure elections are fair — is prevented from functioning because it lacks a quorum.  This allows Republican to continue rigging elections in many ways.

One arena in which Trump has vigorously appointed people is the federal court system.  Trump has appointed more judges than any other president in history.  All of his appointees are RIGHT-WING EXTREMISTS, and MANY ARE YOUNG, so they will be inflicting Trumpism upon our nation for many decades into the future.


The Constitution requirees the Senate to decide whether to approve a president’s nominees.  But instead of protecting the Constitution and the public from Trump’s judicial cruelty, the Senate’s top Democrat, Chuck Schumer, put them on “fast-track,” so Mitch McConnell can ram them quickly through the Senate and onto LIFETIME APPOINTMENTS to the federal bench.

Democrats pretend to oppose Trump, but in a number of ways Democrats have been helping Trump.


Trump has nominated — and the Senate has approved — some truly horrible racists, white nationalists, abusers of women and women’s rights, corrupt business-people, and right-wing extremists who want a strong (nearly dictatorial) president and reduced congressional oversight.

The American Bar Association evaluates the qualifications of judicial nominees, and — although it is very typical for nominees to be rated “well qualified” or higher, some of Trump’s nominees have been rated “not qualified,” and one recent nominee (approved by the Senate) was UNANIMOUSLY rated “not qualified” by the ABA.


Along with the other crises the U.S. is experiencing because of Trump and the Republicans, the judicial crisis is one that will be very hard to reverse.  These young right-wing extremists will be judges for the rest of their lives.

One possible remedy would be to elect Democrats in 2020 to be clear majorities in the House and Senate and to replace Trump.  Then in 2021 the new Congress can create more judicial positions to clear out the backlog of cases awaiting judicial consideration and provide more prompt justice.  The new President and the new Congress can create more positions for judges and can appoint many liberal and progressive judges to dilute Trump’s contamination of the federal judiciary.





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