John Bolton was TOO HAWKISH even for Trump!

In early September 2019 Trump fired his National Security Adviser John Bolton.  Bolton was a NOTORIOUS hawk who kept opposing diplomacy and kept promoting war instead.  He has been WRONG on foreign policy issues for decades.  Finally Trump had found that Bolton was too hawkish even for Trump, so Trump fired him.

Here are some articles about this, including articles summarizing Bolton’s horrible record and the political context for this latest firing:


#1:  John Bolton is an extremist who likes war and opposes diplomacy and international agreements.  A great non-profit organization — — wrote this:  “Bolton managed to break the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty, the Agreed Framework with North Korea, the Iran Deal, and, most recently, the INF treaty. He had just one major target left before realizing his dream of fully dismantling our nuclear guardrails: New START. This critical, treaty is all that is left to prevent an all out nuclear arms race between the U.S. and Russia.  This quotation came from this article:


#2:  On September 10, 2019, the great peace-oriented website called John Bolton “an international disgrace” and “one of the worst warmongers in Washington.”  Their e-mail went on to say:  “John Bolton’s what you might call a warmonger’s warmonger. Whether it was helping launch the Iraq War, trying to kill diplomacy with North Korea, or doing everything he could to start a war with Iran, Bolton simply never met a war he didn’t want to start.  As Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor, Bolton’s record of awful only grew. His warmongering mustache was all over Trump’s decision to pull out of the Cold War-era, anti-nuclear weapon INF Treaty. Trump pulled out of the historic Iran deal within days of Bolton taking office. And Bolton did everything he could think of to try and get Trump to go to war in Venezuela.”


#3:   Read this article titled “The unlikely rise and spectacular fall of John Bolton.”  Here is the link:


#4:  Juan Cole’s article said other people besides John Bolton pushed the U.S. into provoking a new nuclear arms race.  Read it here:


#5:  What does John Bolton’s exit reveal about Donald Trump’s foreign policy priorities?  Read Juan Cole’s article about this at this link:


#6:  This interesting article is titled, “John Bolton’s Living Obituary.”  It’s at this link:










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