Trump’s Atty.Gen. William Barr grabs power for Trump and reduces congressional oversight.

The U.S. Constitution created a nation with CHECKS AND BALANCES in order to prevent any part of the government from grabbing more than its fair share of power and abusing us.

Our TV program about impeaching Trump explains this further — and builds a solid case that Congress must impeach Trump for seriously violating those CHECKS AND BALANCES and committing impeachable offenses against the Constitution and the rule of law.  Here is the link to watch the interview and/or read a thorough summary of what we said and see links to additional information:


Trump hired William Barr to be his Attorney General (the head of the U.S. Department of Justice).  Barr is utterly subservient to Trump as a person, rather than serving the Constitution or the rule of law.  In many ways Barr has acted as if he were Trump’s personal defense attorney, rather than the most powerful attorney serving the entire nation.  His suppression of the Mueller Report is only one notable example.

Actually, William Barr has worked for a very long time to allow Republican presidents to abuse the Constitution and our nation — and to prevent the congressional oversight that the Constitution requires.

This article is interesting and relevant:









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