Trump and Republicans are hell-bent to PREVENT government from solving problems!

Our nation, our people, our environment, our health — EVERYTHING — is suffering under the weight of a HUGE NUMBER OF PROBLEMS!
But Trump and the Republicans are HELL-BENT TO PREVENT GOVERNMENT FROM SOLVING the problems!

A while ago I wrote a thorough article that examines and criticizes the worldview of the conservatives that has been hurting us in many ways.  The article is long but full of insights.  I encourage people to read it here:  This Currently Dominant Worldview Hurts Us in Many Ways — and PREVENTS Governments from Solving Problems

The Coronavirus pandemic, massive unemployment, racial injustices, police violence, the climate crisis, and MANY, MANY problems persist — and worsen — because the dominant conservative worldview I wrote about at the link above (in which Trump and the Republicans are TOTALLY IMMERSED) believes that governments should NOT solve problems.  If you’re poor, that’s your own fault.  If the police beat you up or kill you, you probably had it coming.  Just like Trump famously said he had NO RESPONSIBILITY for the pandemic that was made significantly worse because of his incompetence, he and the Republicans believe that government has NO RESPONSIBILITY to help people who are sick, nor to protect our air and water from pollution, nor to protect people from corrupt banks and businesses.

The article I linked above lays this out thoroughly.



In May 2020 — During the pandemic — Trump’s USDA pushed again to cut Food Stamp benefits for 700,000 or more people!

Jesus healed sick people, but Trump keeps trying to take away their health care.
Jesus fed hungry people, but Trump keeps taking food away from them.
The “religious right” is NEITHER religious nor right, so their blind loyalty to Trump must be for other reasons.

In mid-May 2020 this news came out:


During our nation’s WORST MEDICAL CRISIS in history, Trump and Republicans are DELIBERATELY HURTING PEOPLE’S HEALTH!

Trump is PREVENTING MEDICAL EXPERTS AND SCIENTISTS from speaking out!  Instead, Trump is putting right-wing political cronies (Pence, Kushner, etc.) in charge and treating this as a PARTISAN PROPAGANDA SCAM designed to SUPPRESS THE TRUTH and praise Trump.  Also — instead of protecting people from the pandemic, Trump wants to “re-open” the economy, even though this will CERTAINLY KILL MANY AMERICANS!  In the minds of Trump and Republican governors, it’s more important to enrich the private business sector than to save people’s lives.


Republicans use the Shock Doctrine to exploit Coronavirus crisis!  I urge people to read Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine book and see how it’s being used now!

Also see this informative article:


Much of the trillions of dollars of federal aid during the pandemic is going to BIG BUSINESS and RICH PEOPLE instead of to ordinary people who are suffering badly.

I keep reading many, many articles about this.  For example, in early April 2020, a news item reported that a new $450 BILLION slush fund for the Federal Reserve (a privately owned banking entity that the government supports) has NO real oversight!  The news broadcast linked below provides information.  Starting at 4:40 (and running for just over 10 minutes), the two hosts discuss a $450 BILLION slush fund with NO real oversight. It proposes that the Federal Reserve can do whatever they want – IN SECRET, REGARDLESS of the federal Open Meetings law, which requires announcing meetings and keeping records. Their justification is (in true Shock Doctrine mode) that we’re in an economic crisis, so we need to jettison any accountability. See this:


This article provides smart insights and context so we can understand how Republicans’ war against government paved the way for Trump’s deadly incompetence:

The article linked here explains how Trump’s utterly incompetent response to Coronavirus was a disaster for which Republicans’ war against government had been paving the way.  Here are the article’s title and link:

How the GOP’s War on Government Paved the Way for Trump’s Deadly Incompetence